Grand Winter Event
Auction #17

Part 1

Grand Winter Event
Auction #17

Part 2

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Lot : 1

476 Year-old Tehilim
Rare Sefer Tehillim
Basel, 1547
  Small format (11 cm) Sefer Tehillim printed with beautiful calligraphy letters, and interleaved pages. The present edition was printed…

Lot : 2

Important Commentary on Tehillim

Norah Tehillos. Singular Editon. Salonika, 1569
600 pages!
      Large, two volumes, comprehensive commentary on the entire Sefer Tehillim by Rabbi Yoel Ibn Shuib, one of…

Lot : 3

Tehillim with the

Sforno’s Commentary


First Edition.

Venice, 1586

  Sefer Tehillim with the commentary of Rabbeinu Ovadya Sforno. The text of the Tehillim is printed with nekudos,  …

Lot : 4

Tehillim with Chazeh Tzion



First Edition.

Livorno, 1742

  Sefer Tehillim with the kabbalistic Chazeh Tzion commentary by the eminent kabbalist, Rabbi Emmanuel Chai Ricci, author of Mishnas…

Lot : 5

of the Admor 
Pnei Menachem of Gur
with Personal Notes
of Inspiration in Emunah and Bitachon 
  Tehillim with Kabbalistic commentary, owned and used by the Admor Rabbi Pinchas Menachem Alter of Gur, author of Pnei…

Lot : 6

Year-Round Siddur

with Tehillim, Maamados and Sefer Minhagim


Impressive extra-wide margins

Amsterdam, 1713

  Large, delightful siddur with prayers for the whole year in Ashkenazic rite, following the customs and nusach of Poland,…

Lot : 7

Yad Kol Bo

Singular Edition. Frankfurt am Main, 1725


Contains 14 different books

  Thick, heavy volume encompassing 14 (numerical equivalent of the Hebrew יד [yad]) works of Mikra and prayers with assorted…

Lot : 8


Sephardic rite


Amsterdam, 1771

  Spectacular siddur with ornate leather binding and clasps     Siddur with weekday and Shabbos prayers in Sephardic rite.…

Lot : 9


with Spanish Translation


Amsterdam, 1772


Beautiful copy!

  “ how shall they serve Hashem without knowing the meaning of the words of their prayers?”   Order of…

Lot : 10

Beautiful Machzor

with Selichos


4 Volumes


Amsterdam, 1750



Engraved Gilded Elaborate Bindings

  Four volumes in leather-bound wooden bindings, featuring large, impressive engravings and original clasps. The bindings are the work of…

Lot : 11

First Rödelheim Siddur

Exceedingly Rare!

  Siddur Safa Brurah. First Edition. Edited by Rabbi Wolf Heidenheim. Rödelheim, 1806   First edition of the most popular…

Lot : 12

Kabbalistic Prayers


Shaarei Tzion
Prague, 1682

  Anthology of prayers, tikkunim, supplications, and Seder Tikkun Chatzos with kabbalistic kavanos and customs compiled by the holy kabbalist…

Lot : 13

Rare Kabbalistic Siddur
Beis Tefillah 
Salonika, 1807

with Handwritten Glosses
   Siddur Beis Tefillah with prayers for weekday, Shabbos and festivals, along with special Kabbalistic prayers and intentions derived from…

Lot : 14

Parchment Siddur
Mantua, 1557  
Early Parchment Ashkenazi Siddur Mantua, 1557 Complete rare siddur printed entirely on parchment! Order of prayer according to the customs…

Lot : 15

Chamishah Chumshei Torah


Venice, 1684

  Chamishah Chumshei Torah, Megillos and Haftaros with Targum Onkelos on facing sides of the page. A thick heavy sefer,…

Lot : 16

Tanach Goral HaGr”a


Amsterdam, 1701
Beautiful Edition!

  Torah, Nevi’im and Kesuvim meticulously proofread, with charts of kri and ksiv, chaseiros and yeseros, and calendar of haftaros.…

Lot : 17

Sefer Yesod



al HaTorah


First Edition.

Livorno, 1783

Two primary works by Rishonim     1. Daas Zekenim by the Baalei Tosfos 2. Minchas Yehudah by Rabbi Yehuda ben…

Lot : 18

Sefer Yesod
Commentary on the Torah
Bomberg Edition
Venice, 1547
Rishonim!                   The Ralbag’s commentary is one of the classic commentaries on Chamisha…

Lot : 19

Sefer Yesod


Kli Yakar
al HaTorah
First Edition
Lublin, 1602

The Kli Yakar is one of the fundamental commentaries on Chamishah Chumshei Torah. First edition, rare! Kli Yakar by Rabbi…

Lot : 20

Composition on Torah and Rashi

Extraordinarily rare!
Ho’il Moshe
Singular Edition.
Prague, 1612

From the author of Matteh Moshe   Composition on Torah and Rashi’s commentary by Rabbi Moshe Meth, Av Beis Din…

Lot : 21

Sifsei Chachamim
Dyhrenfurth, 1693

Commentary and elaboration on Rashi’s commentary on Chamishah Chumshei Torah by Rabbi Shabsai Meshorrer Bass. Rare copy, complete with illustrated…

Lot : 22

Tzuras Habayis
by the Tosfos Yom Tov 
Including the map of the Third Beis Hamikdash
First Edition. Prague, 1602
  Elaborate description of the Third Beis Hamikdash based on the prophecy of Yechezkel Hanavi by Rabbi Yom Tov Lipman…

Lot : 23

Commentary on the Megillos

Rabbi Don Yosef Ibn Yichye

First Edition, 1538


Astonishing! predicted the Jews' return to Eretz Yisrael c.1948!

  Commentary on the Five Megillos and Kesuvim by Rabbi Yosef Ibn Yichya. Bologna, 1538   Commentary on the five…

Lot : 24

Alshich Hakadosh

on the Five Megillos.


Venice, 1601-1606


Complete 5 Volume Set

Beautiful, complete 5-volume set of Rabbi Moshe Alshich’s commentary on the Five Megillos. 1. Masas Moshe on Esther. Venice, 1601.…

Lot : 25

Yesha Elokim

on Megillas Esther

First Edition. Venice, 1595

  Commentary on Megillas Esther by Rabbi Avraham Tzahalon. Important commentary on Megillas Esther that has been cited by many…

Lot : 26

Commentary on Megillas Esther!

Manos Halevi
First Edition. Venice, 1585

  Megillas Esther with the classic lengthy commentary of the great kabbalist Rabbi Shlomo Halevi Elkabetz. This is a unique…

Lot : 27

Sefer Yesod
on Bamidbar & Devarim
First Edition
Bomberg Venice, 1546
    Fundamental midrashim by Chazal! Proofread copy!   Midrash halachah from the houses of study of the Tannaim, on…

Lot : 28

Sefer Yesod
Pesikta Zutra
First Edition
Bomberg Venice, 1546

    Midrashim on Vayikrah, Bamidbar and Devarim by Rabbi Tuvia ben Rav Eliezer . Rabbi Tuvia possessed numerous midrashim…

Lot : 29

Rare commentary on Medrash Rabba
Toldos Noach
Cracow, 1634

Midrash Rabba Sefer Shmos with comprehensive commentary by Rabbi Noach ben Rabbi Pesach of Pinsk, Dayan of Cracow. The commentary…

Lot : 30

Sefer Yesod
Tanna Dvei Eliyahu


First Edition
Venice, 1598

  Midrash Aggadah on the pesukim of the Torah and Nevi’im revealed by Eliyahu Hanavi. This Midrash is one of…

Lot : 31

Sefer Ben Sira

and Sefer Toviya


Isna, 1542

  Two sefarim of scripture which were inscribed during ancient times known as sefarim chitzonim (Jewish apocrypha). these scriptures were…

Lot : 32

Mishnayos Kaf Nachas
2 volumes
Amsterdam, 1643 

Shisha Sidrei Mishnah with Kaf Nachas commentary, a concise, basic interpretation of the Mishnah, its reasoning and explanation of hard…

Lot : 33

Mishnayos Zera Yisrael
by Author of Tiferes Yisrael
First Edition
Vilna, 1854
Complete 6-volume set!   Short, concise commentary on Shisha Sidrei Mishnah by Rabbi Yisrael Lifschitz, Av Beis Din of Danzig.…

Lot : 34

Talmud Bavli

Maseches Menachos



Venice, 1529

    Maseches Menachos with the commentaries of Rashi and Tosafos; includes Piskei Tosafos. This is a complete volume from…

Lot : 35

The first printing of Maseches Bechoros!

Venice, 1522
    Volume from the first complete set of Talmud Bavli! Maseches Bechoros with Rashi’s and Tosfos’ commentaries. This is…

Lot : 36

Sefer Yesod
Riva de Trento, 1559
Fundamental halachic work
    Halachic rulings in order of Shas. Contains rulings and teshuvos of the great Ashkenazic sages by Rabbeinu Mordechai…

Lot : 37

Chochmas Manoach
First Edition
Prague, 1612
  First and very rare edition of comments and chiddushim on Shas by Rabbi Hendel Manoach ben Rabbi Shmarya. The…

Lot : 38

Original work on melachos of Shabbos
Tal Oros
First Edition
Prague, 1616

  Chiddushim in halachah and explanations of the 39 constructive Melachos prohibited on Shabbos by Rabbi Shaul ben Rabbi Dovid,…

Lot : 39

Birkas Hazevach
With an important addition handwritten by his son, the Kav Hayashar

  Sefer Yesod Hagahos, chiddushim and commentary on Seder Kodshim by Rabbi Shmuel Aharon Kaidenover, famously called ‘The Birkas Hazevach’…

Lot : 40

Sefer Yesod
Korban Nesanel
First Edition
Karlsruhe, 1755

  Commentary, explanation, chiddushim in halachah and comments on Piskei HaRosh in Seder Moed and Seder Nashim by Rabbi Nesanel…

Lot : 41

Author’s personal corrected copy!
Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Henna
Berlin, 1733
  Foundations of Hebrew grammar by renowned Hebrew grammarian Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Henna with handwritten annotations. This sefer was the…

Lot : 42

Large Manuscript 
Seder Mishnah
Handwritten by
Rabbi Wolf Boskowitz
  Large 66-side manuscript handwritten by Rabbi Wolf Boskowitz on the Rambam Hilchos Tefillin and Sefer Torah. ................................................. ............................................ Seder…

Lot : 43

Manuscript. Shu”t Teshuvah Me’ahavah
Vol. 4. Unknown & Never Printed!

  Shailos and Teshuvos on Even Haezer and sections of Shulchan Aruch Even Haezer, all neatly arranged for print. The…

Lot : 44

Handwritten Glosses by Rabbi Shalom Zelig of Nadvorna
Talmid of Baal Shem Tov 
    Sefer Damesek Eliezer al HaTorah with extensive marginalia by the Admor Rabbi Shalom Zelig of Nadvorna, father of…

Lot : 45

Rabbi Yosef Heiman
Unknown Chidushim 
  With chiddushei Torah from the Maharam Ash and Chasam Sofer   Thick , 600-sides manuscript replete with marvelous chiddushei…

Lot : 46

Handwritten Chiddushim by
the Ksav Sofer
Pressburg, 1862
Unknown Chiddushim!

  Handwritten chiddushim on two sugyos in Maseches Moed Kattan by Rabbi Avraham Shmuel Binyamin Sofer, Av Beis Din and…

Lot : 47

Large Manuscript by


the Yerios Shlomo


Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Ullman

    A large manuscript of handwritten chiddushim on topics in Shas and Shulchan Aruch by Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Ullman,…

Lot : 48

Manuscript by
Rabbi Moshe Chagiz
  Manuscript comprises commentary of Rabbi Moshe Chagiz on Aggados in Shas on Masechtos Shabbos and Eiruvin with annotations and…

Lot : 49

Handwritten Commentary by Rabbi Yitzchak Zerachya Azzoulay
with Autographed Comment by His Son the Chida.
  Constantinople, circa 1741   Hand-written pamphlet containing commentary on Tanach and sermons by the sacred hand of Rabbi Yitzchak…

Lot : 50

Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Auerbach

40-Page Handwritten Notebook of Chiddushei Torah
   Notebook of handwritten chiddushei Torah on Mishnayos maseches Kilayim by Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Auerbach. Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Auerbach (1910-1995),…
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