Sifrey Yesod

A Comprehensive List of the Most Fundemental and Influential Books of the Jewish Torah Library

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Genazym is delighted to announce the publication of the new, revised Sifrei Yesod 2024 Edition by the Stefansky brothers.

In the last few years, Sifrei Yesod has served as the premier comprehensive index of all first-edition foundational works in the Jewish library. Hundreds of landmark titles spanning the glorious spectrum of our ancient Jewish library, from Chumash and Talmud and throughout all ensuing genres of sifrei kodesh, including halachah, kabbalah, Torah commentaries and mussar, were meticulously compiled, cataloged and dated in this monumental work.

The books in Sifrei Yesod are listed chronologically for every genre and period of time and also describe the historical progression and expansion of the Jewish library throughout the ages. Examples include the various stages of halachic works ranging from the Tur-Beis Yosef to the Shach and Taz, Magen Avraham and all the way until the past century’s Mishnah Berurah.

An important supplement in this brand-new edition is Sifrei Yesod Incunabula, a list of foundational books from the incunabula period (1469-1500). The printing of Jewish incunables dates back to the dawn of Hebrew book printing, making any work from the incunable period extremely rare and a true historic treasure. The Sifrei Yesod Incunabula list is essentially a collector’s guide encompassing significant information on each sefer such as author, publisher and publishing date, page count, measurements, synopsis of content, and photos of the original sefer, enabling collectors to compare a particular item to the original.

Celebrating the publication of the new and revised Sifrei Yesod 2024 Edition, Genazym is offering a special limited time offer to our valued customers. For just $39, + free shipping!

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