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Rare commentary on Medrash Rabba
Toldos Noach
Cracow, 1634

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Rare commentary on Medrash Rabba
Toldos Noach
Cracow, 1634

Midrash Rabba Sefer Shmos with comprehensive commentary by Rabbi Noach ben Rabbi Pesach of Pinsk, Dayan of Cracow.

The commentary contains many chiddushim taught by the author’s mentors, the Megaleh Amukos and the Bach. The approbation of the Megaleh Amukos, and a verbal approbation received from the Bach are both printed on the verso of the title page.
In the body of the sefer, Rabbi Noach cites many chiddushim which he heard from his spiritual masters (see leaves 89b; 122a), and in the preface itself, he writes effusive praises of his rebbi, the Megaleh Amukos.
The author follows the footsteps of Rabbi Shmuel Yaffe, author of Yeffe Toar and thus the title page notes the name of sefer as Yeffe Toar Volume Two. (At the time, Yeffe Toar had only been printed on Sefer Bereishis.)


The title page features an illustrated border, as well as the Polish kingdom’s seal of the Polish eagle. The title page margins likewise feature the seal of the city Cracow.


Cracow, 1624. First Edition. 2, 143 leaves.
Page Size: 28.5 cm.
Condition: Holes and damage to text, professionally restored. Several leaves in the middle of sefer are printed on dark brown paper. Ornate new leather binding with case.
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