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Manuscript by
Rabbi Moshe Chagiz

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Manuscript by
Rabbi Moshe Chagiz
Manuscript comprises commentary of Rabbi Moshe Chagiz on Aggados in Shas on Masechtos Shabbos and Eiruvin with annotations and references to the commentaries on Aggadah written in the sefarim of Rabbi Shlomo Algazi.

Astounding discovery an unknown and never published manuscript.  

Entirely handwritten by the hand of Rabbi Moshe Chagiz.
The present manuscript is structured in the same style as Rabbi Moshe Chagiz’s other sefarim such as Leket Hakemach on Shulchan Aruch (Amsterdam, 1707; Hamburg, 1719) and Leket Hakemach on Mishnayos (Wandsbek, 1726).
The sefer serves as an index to Rabbi Shlomo Algazi’s writings on the above masechtos.
Rabbi Shlomo Algazi (1610-1683) chiddushim on Shas are scattered throughout the many sefarim he authored. In the present manuscript, besides writing his own commentaries, Rabbi Moshe Chagiz presents Rabbi Shlomo Algazi’s chiddushim from all his numerous sefarim in the order of the Shas, summarizing them and providing a detailed reference as to where to find the original sources in Rabbi Shlom Algazi’s sefarim.
The sefarim are referenced according to the initials of the many sefarim authored by Rabbi Shlomo Algazi as Zehav Sheba; Ratzuf Ahava; Taavah L’Einayim; Ahavas Olam; Keloris L’Ayin; HaLichos Eli; Yavin Shemuah.
Rabbi Moshe Chagiz, also known as HaMeniach (1672-circa 1760) is the author of Leket Hakemach and Mishnas Chachamim. He was the son of Rabbi Yaakov Chagiz, author of Eitz Chaim and Halachos Ketanos, and a grandson and disciple of Rabbi Moshe Galanti, who was renowned as Harav Hamagen. In 1794, Rabbi Moshe Chagiz left Eretz Yisrael for the Diaspora where he dwelt for close to half a century before returning to the Holy Land. The year of his death is unknown, although the Chida writes that he passed away in Tzfas at over ninety years of age.
Rabbi Moshe Chagiz gained worldwide repute for his fierce battle against the notorious Sabbatean Nechemia Chayun, yet he is remembered until this day for his prolific writings on all realms of Torah and mussar. The Pnei Yehoshua writes regarding Rabbi Moshe Chagiz’s mussar writings that “there was no one in the generation who knew how to deliver rebuke as he” (Approbation to Shu”t Shtei Halechem).
Written entirely by Rabbi Moshe Chagiz with his marginalia.  Page Count: [9] leaves; 18 handwritten sides.
Page Size: 20×16 cm.
Condition: Good. Leaf 7 with minor marginal tear. Attractive new leather binding. This manuscript is unknown and obviously, never printed.
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