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Mishnayos Kaf Nachas
2 volumes
Amsterdam, 1643 

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Mishnayos Kaf Nachas
2 volumes
Amsterdam, 1643 
Shisha Sidrei Mishnah with Kaf Nachas commentary, a concise, basic interpretation of the Mishnah, its reasoning and explanation of hard words by Rabbi Yitzchak Gabbai.
One unique addition to the Kaf Nachas Mishnayos is the small circles printed above the names of the Tannaim in which the halachic ruling follows their opinions.
In his preface, the author shares that his motive in compiling this sefer was to create an abridged, straightforward commentary on the Mishnah to facilitate the study of those who learn 18 chapters of Mishnayos daily. He explains that the present commentary enables learners to have a good understanding of the Mishnah without delving too deeply into the text.
Mishnayos Kaf Nachas was originally printed in Venice, 1609, and became immensely popular among scholars and laypeople alike. Due to its popularity, it was reprinted in numerous editions.
 The end of Volume 2 in the present edition presents a schedule for weekly study of Tanach and Mishnayos.
Rabbi Yitzchak Gabbai was the son of the righteous Rabbi Don Shlomo Gabbai and grandson of Rabbi Don Chaim Gabbai Hasephardi who was a resident of the famous Atlantic port city Safi, Morocco. Rabbi Yitzchak served as an editor in the Bragadin Press in Venice and named his son was named Yedidya Kaf Nachas after his father’s commentary. Rabbi Yitzchak Gabbai eventually established the first Jewish-owned press in Livorno.
Amsterdam, 1643. Emmanuel Benbenishti Press. Page Count: Volume 1: Zeraim, Moed, Nashim: 172 leaves;
Volume 2: Nezikin, Kodshim, Taharos: 244, [6] leaves.
Page Size: 17 cm. Stained margins. Complete set bound in attractive half-leather bindings and matching case.
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