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Rare Kabbalistic Siddur
Beis Tefillah 
Salonika, 1807

with Handwritten Glosses

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Rare Kabbalistic Siddur
Beis Tefillah 
Salonika, 1807

with Handwritten Glosses
 Siddur Beis Tefillah with prayers for weekday, Shabbos and festivals, along with special Kabbalistic prayers and intentions derived from Chemdas Yamim and the Chid”a.
Very Rare! Due to its popularity at the time, there are hardly any remaining copies left, especially complete ones.
The National Library in Jerusalem does not possess a copy of this siddur, nor is this prayer book listed in the Hebrew Bibliography.
The siddur has been recorded in Winograd’s Otzar Hasefer Ha’Ivri based on the present copy (which appeared in Judaica catalog in Spring, 1988 #33).
The pages of the siddur feature dozens of handwritten glosses, mostly of Kabbalistic nature. It also contains marginalia in Italian script. 

18 handwritten leaves of prayers, customs and segulos are bound to the front and end of the siddur. 
In the beginning of the siddur,
at the top of leaf 2b, the annotator writes: “Behold I have discovered these teachings that [belong] to one of the Kedoshim, who was the great Rabbi, our Teacher Harav Moshe Zakut, Ztvk”l.” 
On leaf 2b at the end of the sefer, an additional comment states: “I received from the Rabbinical 
emissary Moreinu Harav Yechezkel Eliezer Aboulafia a tried and true segulah for any illness….” 
The title page features the owners’ signature, Avraham David Chai son of Shimson presumably Vivanti, Rabbi of Ancona. 
Leaves 146a-146b feature Megillas Antiochus and the story of Yehudis in Ladino.
Salonika, 1807. Page Count: 222 leaves. Page Size: 18.5 cm. Mostly written on greenish paper. Condition: Marginal tears and minor tears in text, all 
restored. New leather binding. Preserved in a case lined with marble paper.
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