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Chochmas Manoach
First Edition
Prague, 1612

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Chochmas Manoach
First Edition
Prague, 1612
First and very rare edition of comments and chiddushim on Shas by Rabbi Hendel Manoach ben Rabbi Shmarya.
The sefer Chochmas Manoach was written as a supplement and continuation of the Maharshal’s landmark sefer Chochmas Shlomo, hence the name of the sefer Chochmas Manoach. In his preface, Rabbi Hendel’s son describes that after the new edition of Gemaros were printed in Cracow with the Maharshal’s corrections as noted in Chochmas Shlomo, many errors still remained in print, and his father sought to rectify this by completing the Maharshal’s work.
Aside from the author’s notes on Shas, the sefer also contains numerous chiddushim and references to Talmudic sources, in a similar style to that used by the Maharshal. The present sefer encompasses Maseches Brachos and the complete Sidrei Moed, Nashim and Nezikin. Maseches Psachim also contains a commentary on the Haggadah.
Chochmas Manoach was enthusiastically received by many scholars and due to its imperative importance it was attached to all the Vilna Shas Editions.
I do a lot of research on diagrams in Rashi and am very familiar with this Sefer. Although the claim has been made that it is included in the Vilna Shas,
(Chochmas Manoach was enthusiastically received by many scholars and due to its imperative importance, it was attached to all the Vilna Shas Editions.) it is included in a manner where the Ikar is Chasair Min HaSefer. One of the most important elements of it was the diagrams. Only the first one is included in the Vilna Shas and that Chisaron has continued until today. 
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Rabbi Hendel Manoach ben Rabbi Shmarya (circa 1540-1612) was a prime disciple of the Maharshal. He was a prolific author who put out numerous sefarim and responded to many teshuvos; his signature appears alongside other illustrious Torah luminaries as the Maharam of Lublin and Maharsha. In his latter years, he was involved together with his colleague Rabbi Yehoshua Falk Katz in arranging the divorce of a woman from her husband who had become an apostate. The episode, which later gained notoriety as the “Get of Vienna”, stirred great controversy among the Jewish world; the majority of Gedolim sided with Rabbi Manoach.
Prague, 1612. First Edition. Page Count: 147 leaves.
Page Size: 18.5 cm.
Condition: Good, with minor stains. Leaf 18 has a small tear in the margin. The sefer was decoratively printed with illustrations, borders and embellishments. The final leaf has a full-page copperplate engraving of Dovid Hamelech with his harp. Impressive new leather binding.
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Leaf 2b features an old owner’s signature that dates back to the printing period: “This came from Hashem to me, Shimon son of my father the great genius Moreinu Harav Yitzchak Katz y”t.”
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