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Mishnayos Zera Yisrael
by Author of Tiferes Yisrael
First Edition
Vilna, 1854

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Mishnayos Zera Yisrael
by Author of Tiferes Yisrael
First Edition
Vilna, 1854
Complete 6-volume set!


Short, concise commentary on Shisha Sidrei Mishnah by Rabbi Yisrael Lifschitz, Av Beis Din of Danzig. This sefer is an abridged version of his expansive Tiferes Yisrael commentary on the Mishnah.
Although the Tiferes Yisrael is better known among the community of learners, Rabbi Yisrael writes in his preface to this sefer that “the short commentary is seven times more refined than his lengthy commentary on Shisha Sidrei Mishnah.” Nonetheless, Zera Yisrael was less popular than its predecessor.
In his preface, Rabbi Yisrael also explains that he printed the present sefer in a small format so travelers would be able to carry it with them and learn from it during their journeys.
The commentary on Sefer Zeraim opens with a lengthy pamphlet of rules and principles which he calls Paamonei Zahav.
Rabbi Yisrael Lifschitz (1782-1860), Av Beis Din of Danzig, authored one of the most fundamental and widely-learned commentaries on Shisha Sidrei Mishnah. Since first appearing in print, Tiferes Yisrael has been printed in most Mishnayos alongside the landmark commentaries of Rabbi Ovadya of Bartenura and the Tosfos Yom Tov. In his foreword to Tiferes Yisrael, his son elaborates on his father’s remarkable sanctity, piety and righteousness.
Vilna, 1854. First Edition. Page Count:
Zeraim: 12, XII sides: 64 leaves.
Moed: [65]-145 leaves.
Nashim: [1] [146]-115 leaves.
Nezikin: [2], 98 leaves.
Kodshim: [1], 92 leaves.
Taharos: [1], 93-220 leaves.
Page Size: 15.5 cm.
Condition: Vol. 1 stained and signs of wear; Vol. 5-6 have holes on 2 first and last leaves. The Institute for Hebrew Bibliography records [1] an additional leaf at the end of Volume 1.
Seder Zera’im and Seder Nezikin each have an abridged pre-title leaf. Six volumes, all bound in matching new leather covers.
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