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Author’s personal corrected copy!
Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Henna
Berlin, 1733

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Author’s personal corrected copy!
Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Henna
Berlin, 1733
Foundations of Hebrew grammar by renowned Hebrew grammarian Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Henna with handwritten annotations.
This sefer was the author’s personal copy!
This is an interleaved copy (a blank sheet of paper appears between every two printed sheets), deliberately printed in this way on behalf of the author in order to facilitate the writing of comments, corrections and explanations.
It is clear that the glosses in the sefer were written by Rabbi Shlomo Zalman, both from the handwriting which is an identical match to his other writings, and from the content itself that corresponds to the text of the sefer. In his notes, Rabbi Shlomo Zalman also writes in first person: “I wrote” (gloss to 12a). Also, in other places, Rabbi Shlomo Zalman actually erased parts of the body of the sefer and wrote his corrections on the interleaf closest to the erasure.
Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Henna (1687-1746) was born in the city of Henna, near Frankfurt, and from a very young age began studying the rules of dikduk. His first sefer, Binyan Shlomo, was printed in 1708 when he was just 21 years old! He became known as a brilliant and scholarly grammarian, and although some sages in his era, most notably Rabbi Yaakov Emden in his sefer Luach Eres, objected to Rabbi Henna’s proposed changes and amendments to tefillah, many were ultimately introduced into the popular Siddur Beis Tefillah (Yasnitz, 1725). (See Sifrei Yesod Appendix Shaarei Tefillah Letter 10).
A kuntres entitled Michseh Hateivah which encompasses Rabbi Shlomo Zalman’s replies to the Yaabetz’s objection in Luach Eres, is printed at the end of the sefer.
Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Henna’s handwritten glosses appear on 13 leaves, and several other corrections within the body of sefer.
Berlin, 1733. First Edition. Page Count: 80, [1]. Folded chart (Luach HaNginah- chart of Cantillations).
Page Size: 16 cm.
Condition: signs of wear on folded chart leaf.
 Antique leather binding with remnants of clasps.
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