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Rabbi Yosef Heiman
Unknown Chidushim 

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Rabbi Yosef Heiman
Unknown Chidushim 
With chiddushei Torah from the Maharam Ash and Chasam Sofer
Thick , 600-sides manuscript replete with marvelous chiddushei Torah on many sugyos in Shas, halachos, shailos and teshuvos, and commentary on Nevi’im and Kesuvim, Aggados and Midrashim, along with drashos and a poignant hesped on the Chasam Sofer, all handwritten by Rabbi Yosef Heiman, Av Beis Din of Almashad.
The drashos included in this manuscript were for Shabbos Shuva, Shabbos Hagadol, Shavuos, Erev Rosh Chodesh Nissan and a special drashah in honor of the dedication ceremony of the shul.
Rabbi Yosef Heiman: A Talmid of the Maharam Ash and Chasam Sofer
In this manuscript, the author cites numerous chiddushim on Aggadah that he heard directly from his two spiritual masters: the Maharam Ash and Chasam Sofer. The following samples show the reverence he gives them:
“I heard from the mouth of the genius, our master, teacher and rabbi, Maharam Ash, n”y, ” 

“In the name of the genius our master, teacher and rabbi, Moreinu Harav Moshe n”t, Av Beis Din in Pressburg, ” 

He likewise quotes Moreinu Harav Shmelke [of Nikolsburg] zt”l as well as Rabbi Dovid Deitsch, author of Ohel Dovid.
At the end of the first pamphlet (leaf 91b) Rabbi Yosef listed remarkable events that transpired during his lifetime:
“Today, Wednesday, 12 Tishrei, 5595 (1835), an earthquake with great clamor occurred here in the holy congregation of Almashad. I was sitting in shul, and there was a terrific blast. I went outside, and stones fell from the outside of the women’s gallery, and several vessels in the houses fell to the ground, and thank Hashem for sparing us and we did not incur any damage, so may He make for us miracles and wonders! …There were other times when there were repeated earthquakes in the winter, and several buildings in other areas fell, and some very strong houses crumbled and were destroyed. Baruch Hashem for saving us…”
“Today, Wednesday, the 2nd of …5601 (1841), we recited the blessing on the sun (birkas haChama) with the help of Hashem, here in the holy congregation of Almashad; and may Hashem grant that we should merit to say the blessing in Yerushalayim, our holy city, and bring our Mashiach close.”
Hesped on Chassam Sofer
On leaf 49b, the author includes a stirring hesped that he delivered upon the Chasam Sofer which begins with the following:
“With the help of Hashem. Wailing and great bitter eulogies, as due to our many sins, we have forfeited the man who was greater than giants, whose name precedes him far and wide, leader of all Diaspora Jewry, singular in his generation, the true genius, prince of Yisrael, and his sanctity is…Moreinu Harav Moshe Sofer zt”l, Av Beis Din of the holy congregation of P[ress]b[urg].”
The title pages of the second and third pamphlets bears the author’s autograph: “HaK Yosef Heiman” and the title pages of the other pamphlets feature the autographs of his sons: “Shlomo, son of my father and master Yosef Heiman” and “Avraham Pinchas, son of my father and master Yosef Heiman ztv”la” and it appears that the latter relayed the chiddushim on the last page.
Rabbi Yosef Heiman (d. 1856) Av Beis Din of Almashad, he was born in Balash-Yarmut and was a student of Rabbi Mei Eisendstadt, Av Beis Din of Ungvar and author of Imrei Eish who also served as Rav in Yarmut between 1815-1835. In 1834, Rabbi Yosef was appointed Rav of Almashad, yet passed away in his native city of Yarmut on 7 Shvat, 5615 (1856) where he was laid to rest in the Jewish cemetery. (A photograph of his tombstone appears in Kovetz Alei Zichron Vol. 18 p. 4; Vol. 28 p. 58).
Dates in the manuscript range from years 5589-5609 (1829-1849). Page Count: 308 leaves (approximately 600 handwritten sides!) The sefer consists of several pamphlets bound together.
Page Size: 23×27 cm. Binding: Original binding intact, missing spine. Several stains and tears. Good condition.
The eulogy on the Chasam Sofer which appears in the end leaves of the manuscript was printed in Otzros Sofer Vol. 13 (2003) pp. 16-22.
Aside from this eulogy, this manuscript is not known to have been printed.
Owners’ signatures:
Avraham Gross of the holy congregation of Weitzen
Hakatan Moshe Yechiel Shlesinger of Puschendorf
Rabbi Yaakov Katz
Stamp of Rabbi Aharon Mordechai Lieberman, Av Beis Din of Feldehaus Hy”d (descendant of the Pri Tzaddik of Tchaba and talmid the Unsdorfer Gaon)
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