Grand Winter Event
Auction #17

Part 1

Grand Winter Event
Auction #17

Part 2

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Lot : 82

Shaarei Teshuvah
by Rabbeinu Yonah
Shapira Press.
Zhitomir, 1848
    Shaarei Teshuvah by Rabbeinu Yonah of Gerona, one of the early Rishonim, is the foundational source of later…

Lot : 83

Chumash Ohr Hachaim

with Siddur


Shapira Press. ‎Zhitomir, 1860‎


Complete 5 volume set.‎

‎ ‎ Chamishah Chumshei Torah with the Ohr Hachaim’s commentary and an additional ‎commentary by a disciple of the Chida.…

Lot : 84

Kisvei Kodesh



Shapira Press.
Zhitomir, 1856
    Beautiful sefer with extra-wide margins!     Sefer Tehillim and Mishlei from the popular Shapira Press Kisvei Kodesh…

Lot : 85

Machzorim for High Holy Days & Three Festivals
Shapira Press.
Slavita, 1826
2-Volume Set
  Order of prayers for the High Holy Days and three festivals in Polish rite, following the customs of Pihem,…

Lot : 86

Slavita Shas!

Rabbi Moshe Shapira’s Press

Slavita, 1817-1822

Pristine Full 20-Volume Set!

  A treasure trove of excellence and sanctity! Complete 20-volume set of Shas from the famed Slavita Press printed by…

Lot : 87

Early Chassidic work

Rav Yaivy
First Edition.
Slavita, 1792‎
Impressive wide-margin copy with original binding .‎   Essays on Chassidus, commentary on the Torah, Tehillim, mussar and chiddushim on…

Lot : 88

Meohr Einayim
First Edition.
Slavita, 1798
  Fundamental Chassidic Sefer Volume 1: Meohr Einayim – Commentary on Torah and anthology of lessons by the Baal Shem…

Lot : 89

Sacred Letter by the Admor Rabbi Chaim Halberstam of Sanz
Author of Divrei Chaim. Sanz, 1868   “Children, life and bountiful sustenance!” Sacred letter replete with blessings by the saintly…

Lot : 90

Letter by the Admor Rabbi Yechezkel of Shinova
New letter discovered! Letter by the holy Admor Rabbi Yechezkel of Shinova, son of the Divrei Chaim of Sanz and…

Lot : 91

Important Letter by the Admor Rabbi Shalom Eliezer Halberstam
requesting to rescue him to Eretz Yisrael
  The Razhporter pleading to save his life A poignant letter by the Admor Rabbi Shalom Eliezer of Ratzfert regarding…

Lot : 92

Letter of Blessing by the Admor Rabbi Yitzchak Yeshaya of Chechov Hy”d,
Youngest Son of the Divrei Chaim of Sanz.
Cracow, undated “May the merit of my master, my father and teacher, the holy genius, author of the Divrei Chaim…

Lot : 93

Progenitor of the Bobov dynasty
Letter of Blessings by the Admor
Rabbi Shlomo Halberstam of Bobov. 1901
  Autographed letter replete with blessings by the first Admor of Bobov Rabbi Shlomo Halberstam in honor of the marriage…

Lot : 94

Letter by the Admor Rabbi Moshe Unger of Tzfas
Son-in-Law of the Divrei Chaim of Sanz. 1897
  Long letter by the Admor Rabbi Moshe Unger of Tzfas, oldest son-in-law and close disciple of the Admor Divrei…

Lot : 95

Letter of Blessings by the Admor
Rabbi Elazar Weissblum of Reisha. 1908
  “I received the p[idyon] n[efesh], and Hashem…should help your son tomorrow… I hereby bless you and your family with…

Lot : 96

Letter by the Admor Rabbi Aryeh Leibush Rubin of Cheshinov
Ancestor of the Bobover Dynasty. Tomashov, 1932
  Handwritten and autographed latter of the Admor Rabbi Aryeh Leibush Rubin, Av Beis Din of Cheshinov and grandson of…

Lot : 97

“The page is too short to contain the terrible tribulations we have suffered”
Chilling Letter by Rabbi Yechezkel Shraga Halberstam of Yashlick Hy”d
  describing the suffering he and his family endured from the Nazi Germans ym”s. Bardejov, 1942    Heartrending historical account…

Lot : 98

Historical  Letter by
Rabbi Chaim Halevi Soloveitchik
Av Beis Din of Brisk. 1909
  “The essence of the Jewish Rabbinate, in its true meaning, is to teach the nation Hashem’s Torah and Emunah,…

Lot : 99

Compelling Letter
by the Avnei Nezer. 1909

“The greatest threat to traditional Judaism is the lack of Achdus... ”

This Sacred Letter features both the Avnei Nezer’s autograph, “Hak[atan] Avraham of Sochatchov” and stamp and was handwritten by his son and…

Lot : 100

Sacred Autographed Letter by the
Imrei Emes of Gur

  “Everyone will know that faith and Judaism are not hefker!” Long letter by the Admor Rabbi Avraham Mordechai Alter…

Lot : 101

Letter by the Admor Rabbi Aharon Menachem Mendel of

“Together, we shall all endeavor for the sake of Hashem and our holy Torah” Strongly-worded letter by the Admor Rabbi…

Lot : 102

Amazing Letter by Rabbi Chaim Ozer Grodzinski
and A Telegram by Rabbi Shmuel Salant 
Vilna-Jerusalem, 1909

  The Battle to Preserve Authentic Torah Judaism in Eretz Yisrael 1. Handwritten and Autographed Letter by Rabbi Chaim Ozer…

Lot : 103

Letter  by
Sephardic Rabbanim of Jerusalem 1909

  “To protect and do everything in our power to preserve the fortress of our faith” Letter from the great…

Lot : 104

Historic Document Cairo, Egypt 1909
by Rabbi Rephael Aharon ben Shimon
  Handwritten letter by Rabbi Rephael Aharon ben Shimon, Av Beis Din of Egypt and author of Nahar Mitzrayim and…

Lot : 105

Long  Letter by
Rabbi Chaim Berlin
Rabbi Yosef Chaim Sonnenfeld

Jerusalem, 1909

  Historic Treasure! Long Prominent Jerusalem Rabbanim Regarding the Compromised State of Religion and Religious Schools in Eretz Yisrael. Jerusalem,…

Lot : 106


Commentary on

Maseches Avos

Adrianople, 1555

  This commentary authored by the Chassid Rabbi Yosef Yaabetz is one of the important commentaries on Maseches Avos. It…

Lot : 107

First commentary on sefer

Chovos Halevavos


Manoach Halevavos

First Edition.

Lublin, 1596

  This is the first commentary on the sefer Chovos Halevavos by Rabbeinu Bachya, autherd by Rabbi Hendel Manoach ben…

Lot : 108

Shaarei Teshuvah
by Rabbeinu Yonah
Cracow, 1581
Shaarei Teshuvah by Rabbeinu Yonah of Gerona is the most foundational sefer of mussar and Torah ethics. Sefer Shaarei Teshuvah…

Lot : 109

The Maharal
on Purim and Chanukah
Ohr Chadash
First Edition. Prague, 1600
Ohr Chadash – Commentary on Megillas Esther and essays on the miracle of Purim. Ner Mitzvah – Essay on the…

Lot : 110

The Maharal’s Hesped

on the Tzaddik Rabbi Akiva of Frankfurt

Prague, 1598

Brought to Print by the Maharal of Prague!

  Hesped given by the Maharal of Prague for the tzaddik and chassid Rabbi Akiva Frankfurter. This work was brought…

Lot : 111

The principles of faith
Sefer Ikrim.
Soncino, 1486
Complete with wide margins

Sefer Yesod Fundamentals of Jewish faith and principles of emunah by 15th century Spanish scholar Rabbi Yosef Albo. Good copy,…

Lot : 112

The Book of Faith

Sefer HaEmunos


First Edition

Ferrara, 1556

  Sefer HaEmunos Rabbi Shem Tov ibn Shem Tov’s foundational sefer on emunah. In this landmark sefer, Rabbi Shem Tov…

Lot : 113

Rare, important Haggadah!

Chukas HaPesach
First Edition
Salonika, 1569
  Haggadah with instructions in Ladino and commentary by Rabbi Moshe Pizanti of Tzfas. The author possessed several manuscripts containing…

Lot : 114

Amsterdam, 1776
  Haggadah shel Pesach with halachos, songs and translation into Yiddish. This Haggadah features two illustrations. The popular German song Almachter…

Lot : 115

Chassidic treasure!
Haggadah shel Pesach
with Yeffe Nof Commentary
Lemberg, 1795

Haggadah with Yeffe Nof commentary by Rabbi Chaim Gavriel Bloch son of the Admor Rabbi Yosef Bloch, author of Ginzei…

Lot : 116

First Illustrated Haggadah with English Translation Printed in America
New York, 1866
  Haggadah with English translation in facing columns with illustrations.   The Haggadah features 9 half-page illustrations and another 10…

Lot : 117

Haggadah with Marathi translation
Bombay, India 1846
  Rare Hebrew Haggadah edited by Rabbi Chaim Yosef Halligua with Marathi translation. This was the first Haggadah printed alongside…

Lot : 118

Beautiful Haggadah!
Illustrated Passover Haggadah
Trieste, 1864
  Haggadah with Italian translation by Rabbi Avraham Chai Morforgo with 58 copperplate illustrations and music notes.   The Trieste…

Lot : 119

Rabbi Shabsai of Rashkov
Shulchan Aruch Ha’Ar”i and Tikkun Olam 
Lvov, 1788
  Shulchan Aruch Ha’Ar”i and Tikkun Olam by Rabbi Shabsai of Rashkov. Rabbi Shlomo Yarish Rappaport Press. Lvov, 1788 These…

Lot : 120

The Rebbe Reb Shmelke
Darchei Yesharim
Rare First Edition 
  by the Admor Rabbi Shmuel Shmelke of Nikolsburg. Poland, circa 1820 Recommended actions and customs to enhance a Jew’s…

Lot : 121

Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Riminov
Menachem Tziyon
First Edition.
‎Czernowitz, 1851‎
  Sacred lectures delivered by the holy Admor Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Riminov on ‎Shabbosos and Yomim Tovim; transcribed by…
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