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The Maharal
on Purim and Chanukah
Ohr Chadash
First Edition. Prague, 1600

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The Maharal
on Purim and Chanukah
Ohr Chadash
First Edition. Prague, 1600
Ohr Chadash – Commentary on Megillas Esther and essays on the miracle of Purim.
Ner Mitzvah – Essay on the miracle of Chanukah.
The present sefer is the first edition of Ohr Chadash by the great luminary Rabbi Yehudah Loew, the Maharal of Prague; it was self-published.

Rabbi Yehudah Loew (c.1512-1609), the Maharal of Prague, was one of the greatest Jewish sages; a prolific author whose deep philosophical works on all realms of Torah are fundamental Jewish classics.


He was described as “Crown of the sages and leader of his generation; all the nations followed his light, and his teachings were celebrated by Jews throughout the Diaspora” 
(Tzemach Dovid by Rabbi 
Dovid Ganz [Prague, 1592]); “He engaged in the Divine spirit” (Rabbi Naftali Katz, his grandson and author of Semichas Chachamim in Shu”t Chacham Tzvi Ch. 76); “He is as strong as an iron pillar; the nation of Yisrael relies on him” (Shu”t Geonei Basrai Ch. 10 by the Tosfos Yom Tov).
The works of the Maharal were regarded as an innovative path in Jewish philosophy and gained immediate acclaim throughout the nation. They are considered to be fundamental Jewish works in hashkafah, emunah and commentary on Aggados Chazal. The Maharal was revered by all sectors, including the early Chassidic masters who compared his teachings to those of the greatest kabbalists.
Prague, 1600. First edition. Page Count: 60 leaves.
Page size: 27.5 cm.
Condition: Good. Margins of title page and following page restored. Slight damage to title page border. Title page surrounded by ornamental border. New leather binding.
The title page bears the autograph of the tzaddik Rabbi Shimon Kromonoy Oppenheim
(1753-1851), a talmid of the Noda B’Yehudah. Rabbi Shimon served for close to fifty years as a dayan and Raavad in Budapest and authored Har Hacarmel and other sefarim. Following the instructions that he left in his last will, the following inscription was engraved upon his tombstone: “I beseech those who visit graves and who wish to linger here at my grave to pray.
If, chas veshalom, hardship shall befall them, they should pray at my graveside and give [charity] to elevate my soul, and the Master of Mercy shall hear their cries. Amen.”
Until this very day, Rabbi Shimon Kromonoy Oppenheim’s tombstone is a popular pilgrimage site for those seeking salvation, and his grave is perpetually covered with stones and kvittels.
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