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Haggadah with Marathi translation
Bombay, India 1846

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Haggadah with Marathi translation
Bombay, India 1846
Rare Hebrew Haggadah edited by Rabbi Chaim Yosef Halligua with Marathi translation.
This was the first Haggadah printed alongside its translation into Marathi, an Indian-Aryan language spoken among Indian Jews. The title page boasts
“See this new [work] which has never existed before.”
The Haggadah is lithographed with the text and translation on facing pages. It is based on the manuscript of the famed Yemenite teacher Avraham ben Yehuda Jamal of Cochin.
The Haggadah opens with 13 illustrations depicting the seder symbols. Leaf [5] features an illustration of the seder plate and foods placed on it.
The title page is elaborately illustrated in Amsterdam Haggadah style.
Bombay, 1846. Haggadah text and translation on facing pages.
Page Count: [5], 35 leaves.
Page Size: 23 cm.
Condition: Miniscule holes, most professionally restored. New half-leather binding.
Yaari Haggados #656
Otzar Hahaggados #895
Yaari, List of Books Printed in Bombay #92

Congregation Bene Israel in India
The first Jews to settle in India founded a community in Cochin which became known as Congregation Bene Israel, and the first Jewish works printed in the country were likewise printed by the Jews of Cochin who held fast tenaciously to their faith and maintained their distinct Jewish lifestyle and tradition in India throughout what is possibly close to two millennia.
(See: Yaari, Hadfus HaIvri B’Artzot Hamizrach #52)
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