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Beautiful Haggadah!
Illustrated Passover Haggadah
Trieste, 1864

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Beautiful Haggadah!
Illustrated Passover Haggadah
Trieste, 1864
Haggadah with Italian translation by Rabbi Avraham Chai Morforgo with 58 copperplate illustrations and music notes.
The Trieste Haggadah is renowned as one of the most elaborate Haggadahs ever printed!
This particular Haggadah features striking font, initials and decorative letters, along with 58 copperplate illustrations drawn by maestro C. Kirchmayr whose autograph appears on the corner of the title page and initials on every drawing. The Hebrew text and its Italian translation are positioned on facing columns.
The present Haggadah is with its original green leave cover.
In his acclaimed article Hahaggadah Hametzuyeers B’Dfus (Areshes 3, 1961 pps. 27-8), Betzalel Roth writes that there is but one 19th century Haggadah worthy of creating a new legacy in illustrated Hebrew literature, and this is the Haggadah printed in Trieste in 1864. “The typeset is particularly impressive, and the text is complemented by 58 copperplate illustrations, with drawings added to almost every page. Aside from the traditional illustrations, there are numerous unusual drawings of the conquest of Jericho, downfall of Sancherev, feats of Belshatzar and more “.
Triest, 1864. First Edition. Page Count: [4], 64, [2], sides.
Page Size: 33.7 cm.
Condition: Minor stains, signs of use and reinforced margins. New half-leather binding.
Bibliography: Otzar Hahaggados #1217, Yaari, Haggados #899
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