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Lot : 113

Rare, important Haggadah!

Chukas HaPesach
First Edition
Salonika, 1569
  Haggadah with instructions in Ladino and commentary by Rabbi Moshe Pizanti of Tzfas. The author possessed several manuscripts containing…

Lot : 114

Amsterdam, 1776
  Haggadah shel Pesach with halachos, songs and translation into Yiddish. This Haggadah features two illustrations. The popular German song Almachter…

Lot : 115

Chassidic treasure!
Haggadah shel Pesach
with Yeffe Nof Commentary
Lemberg, 1795

Haggadah with Yeffe Nof commentary by Rabbi Chaim Gavriel Bloch son of the Admor Rabbi Yosef Bloch, author of Ginzei…

Lot : 116

First Illustrated Haggadah with English Translation Printed in America
New York, 1866
  Haggadah with English translation in facing columns with illustrations.   The Haggadah features 9 half-page illustrations and another 10…

Lot : 117

Haggadah with Marathi translation
Bombay, India 1846
  Rare Hebrew Haggadah edited by Rabbi Chaim Yosef Halligua with Marathi translation. This was the first Haggadah printed alongside…

Lot : 118

Beautiful Haggadah!
Illustrated Passover Haggadah
Trieste, 1864
  Haggadah with Italian translation by Rabbi Avraham Chai Morforgo with 58 copperplate illustrations and music notes.   The Trieste…

Lot : 119

Rabbi Shabsai of Rashkov
Shulchan Aruch Ha’Ar”i and Tikkun Olam 
Lvov, 1788
  Shulchan Aruch Ha’Ar”i and Tikkun Olam by Rabbi Shabsai of Rashkov. Rabbi Shlomo Yarish Rappaport Press. Lvov, 1788 These…

Lot : 120

The Rebbe Reb Shmelke
Darchei Yesharim
Rare First Edition 
  by the Admor Rabbi Shmuel Shmelke of Nikolsburg. Poland, circa 1820 Recommended actions and customs to enhance a Jew’s…

Lot : 121

Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Riminov
Menachem Tziyon
First Edition.
‎Czernowitz, 1851‎
  Sacred lectures delivered by the holy Admor Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Riminov on ‎Shabbosos and Yomim Tovim; transcribed by…

Lot : 122

Maaglei Tzedek
Rabbi Nachman of Breslov
First Edition
Shapira Press
Józefów, 1846
  Proper conduct and advice in matters pertaining to serving Hashem, as taught by the Admor Rabbi Nachman of Breslov…

Lot : 123

Keser Torah
by the Admor Rabbi Meir, son of Rabbi Levi Yitzchak of Berditchev
First Editions. Mezhyrov-Zhitomir, 1803-1806
  “All my words are taken from the wisdom of my honorable father and teacher.” Two-Volumes of Keser Torah by…

Lot : 124

Three Sefarim by the Admor
Rabbi Tzvi Hersh of Ziditchov
All first editions
Lemberg, 1832-1834
  Three Sefarim by the Admor Rabbi Tzvi Hersh of Ziditchov – Hakdamah V’Derech L’Eitz Chaim – Pri Kodesh Hilulim…

Lot : 125

Bnei Yissachar
First Edition. Zolkova, 1846-1850
2-Volume Set 
  “All his words in the sefer Bnei Yissachar were said with ruach hakodesh” (The Admor Divrei Chaim of Sanz…

Lot : 126

“...lengthy days and years... nachas and comfort…

Nidvas Pi by the Admor of Komarno
First Edition. Lemberg, 1853
  This sefer includes three works by the Admor Rabbi Yitzchak Eisik Yehuda Yechiel Safrin of Komarno. Mosar Asiris HaEifah…

Lot : 127

The Baal Shem Tov’s Nephew
Autographed Letter of Endorsement
Jerusalem, 1771
  The Baal Shem Tov’s Nephew Rabbi Yakar, Jerusalem, 1771 Son of Rabbi Avraham Gershon Kitover Autographed Letter of Endorsement…

Lot : 128

The Rozla’s Personal Segulah Siddur
with his Handwritten Kabbalistic Chiddushim
Siddur Chemdas Yisrael with kavanos of the Arizal edited by Rabbi Shmuel Vital, son of Rabbi Chaim Vital. An important…

Lot : 129

Father of the Sighet-Satmar Dynasty
The Yismach Moshe’s Personal Copy of Sefer Beis Yitzchak
  Sacred copy with distinguished provenance!‎ The Yismach Moshe’s Personal Copy of Sefer Beis Yitzchak gifted by the author. Ofen,…

Lot : 130

“With Hashem’s compassion, He rescued me from death to life”
Historic Letter by the Admor
Rabbi Yoel Teitelbaum of Satmar 
  Moving letter by the Admor Rabbeinu Yoel of Satmar regarding the founding of the Bayit Leplitim Orphanage for orphaned…

Lot : 131

‎Sefer Autographed by the Holy Admorim of Gur

The Sfas Emes
The Imrei Emes
The Pnei ‎Menachem ‎
  This sefer Mutzal Me’eish was in the possession of the holy Sfas Emes the Admor Rabbi Aryeh Leib Alter of…

Lot : 132

The Beis Yisrael of Gur’s
Personal Gold Pocket Watch
  Gold pocket watch belonging to the Admor Rabbi Yisrael Alter of Gur, known as the Beis Yisrael. The Beis…

Lot : 133

Letter to the Admor Rabbi Baruch Hager of Vizhnitz
by the Austro-Hungarian Empire
19 century
  An historic document addressed to the Admor Rabbi Baruch Hager of Vizhnitz, author of Imrei Baruch by the regional…

Lot : 134

Handwritten & Autographed Semichah by the ‎
Admor Rabbi Elimelech of Tosh
Nyírtass, 1932‎
  Rare handwritten, autographed and stamped ordination letter for a shochet and bodek in the ‎holy hand of the Admor…

Lot : 135

Personal sefer of Rabbi Yeshaya of Kerestir!
  “This sefer belongs to the honorable holy Admor Rabbi and tzaddik renowned throughout the world Who performs chessed for…

Lot : 136

Beis Yosef
Orach Chaim
First Edition
Venice, 1550
    Tur Orach Chaim by Rabbi Yaakov son of the Rosh, bordered by the commentary of the Beis Yosef…

Lot : 137

Beis Yosef Choshen Mishpat
First Edition. Sabbioneta, 1557-1559

One-of-a-kind title page!

  Sefer Yesod Fundamental Sefer on Laws of Finances Tur Choshen Mishpat by Rabbeinu Yaakov son of the Rosh, bordered…

Lot : 138

Bedek Habayis
by the Beis Yosef
Venice, 1606
  Comments, amendments and supplements to the Beis Yosef on all four sections of Arba Turim by Maran Rabbeinu Yosef…

Lot : 139

Shulchan Aruch
Venice, 1598 

Complete Set
  Four volumes of Shulchan Aruch by Rabbi Yosef Karo with Biur Hamilos (explanation of hard words). Complete spetacular copy…

Lot : 140

Shulchan Aruch with
Ateres Tzvi
First Edition. Cracow, 1646-1650
  Chiddushim, commentary and sources for Shulchan Aruch Orach Chaim by Rabbi Tzvi Katz, prime disciple of the Bach. Nachalas…

Lot : 141

Shulchan Aruch with
Be’er Hagolah
First Edition
Amsterdam, 1661-1664
Complete Set 
    Sefer Yesod Shulchan Aruch with Be’er Hagolah a comprehensive work noting the sources of all the halachic rulings…

Lot : 142

Beis Shmuel
on Even Haezer
First Edition. Dyhrenfurth, 1689
  Commentary and chiddushim in halachah on Shulchan Aruch Even Haezer by Rabbi Shmuel, Av Beis Din of Furth, one…

Lot : 143

Gevuras Anashim
by the Shach
First Edition. Dessau, 1697

Comprehensive commentary on Tur and Shulchan Aruch Even Haezer Ch. 154 complete with halachic principles by Rabbi Shabsai Katz, author…

Lot : 144

First Printing of the Zohar Hakadosh!
Mantua, 1558-1560
Remarkable Beautiful Set!
  First edition set of Sefer HaZohar by the holy Tanna Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai.    Beautiful set with extra-wide…

Lot : 145

Sefer Hayetzirah
First Edition
Mantua, 1562
  Sefer Yesod!            Fundamental, ancient kabbalistic work attributed to Avraham Avinu with early commentaries attributed…

Lot : 146

Sefer Hakavanos L’Ha’Ar”i
First Edition.
Venice, 1620
  Intentions of prayer and collection of customs by the Arizal and kabbalistic explanations from the Ar”i z”l upon numerous…

Lot : 147

Original kabbalistic work!
Megaleh Amukos
First Edition
Cracow, 1637
    Distinguished provenance! Features the sacred autograph of the Gur Aryeh! Kabbalistic commentary including two hundred and fifty-two esoteric…

Lot : 148

Bris Menuchah. Amsterdam, 1648
This sefer belonged to tzaddikim and geonim!
  Bris Menuchah is one of the earliest known authenticated kabbalistic works to explain the name of Hashem and names…

Lot : 149

Bris Menuchah. Europe, 1600s
Antique Kabbalistic work!
  Bris Menuchah is one of the earliest known authentic kabbalistic works that seeks to explain the name of Hashem…

Lot : 150

Sefer Yesod
Nagid U’Mitzvah.
Shulchan Aruch Ha’Ari
First Edition. Amsterdam, 1712
  Fundamental sefer presenting practical guidance to managing one’s daily schedule, praying and fulfilling mitzvos based on the kabbalistic teaching…

Lot : 151

Sefer Hakavanos and Maase Nissim
Shivchei Ha’Ar”i
Constantinople, 1720

Kabbalistic intentions of prayers, the Arizal’s customs and essays of the teachings of the Arizal. The sefer opens (leaves 2-13)…

Lot : 152

Safra D’Tzniusa
with the Vilna Gaon’s Commentary
First Edition. Vilna-Horodna, 1820
  Safra D'Tzniusa, which is attributed to have been authored by Yaakov Avinu is described as the “Foundation to all…

Lot : 153


Frankfurt an der Oder, 1776

Chochmas Hayad Vehapartzuf with Yiddish Translation. Frankfurt an der Oder, 1776 A sefer that reveals the wisdom of palm and…

Lot : 154

Manuscript Collection of early Kabbalistic Works
Prague 1575

Rare historic anthology of kabbalistic manuscripts from the batei medrash of early Spanish kabbalists who lived in the period after…

Lot : 155

Fundamental Kabbalistic Work
Ornamental Manuscript of Eitz Chaim
Eastern-Europe, 18th Century
  18th century manuscript of Rabbi Chaim Vital’s monumental kabbalistic sefer Eitz Chaim. Beautiful Ashkenazic script, kabbalistic illustrations and adornments.…

Lot : 156

The Arizal’s Kabbalah
Five Handwritten Manuscripts
from the Legacy of the Arizal and Rabbi Chaim Vital
Ashkenaz, circa 1700
  A complete handwritten volume in Ashkenazic script which presents an anthology of manuscripts with the teachings of the great…

Lot : 157

Siddur with Kavanos of Arizal
Europe, 18th Century
  Siddur with prayers for the entire year with Kabbalistic intentions and customs, based on the siddur edited by the…

Lot : 158

Siddur HaRashash
2 Volumes of Tefillos with Kavanos for Yamim Noraim and Shalosh Regalim
500 pages of kabbalistic kavanos and Yichudim for prayers for the Yamim Noraim and Shalosh Regalim compiled and edited by…

Lot : 159

Historic documentation of 17th century Ashkenazic Jewish communities!
  Rare manuscript from Sassoon Collection Ledger of ‘Travel protection’ Taxes of German Jewish Communities 1685-1686 Valuable historic documentation of…

Lot : 160

Early Yiddish Storybook
“Di Neieh Krant”
with Woodcut Illustrations
Ashkenaz, 1763
  Storybook contains two stories in Yiddish from the early belles-lettres literary style period. 1. The first story is about…

Lot : 161

Ladino - German

History of Spanish community in Vienna
  This book recounts the history of the Spanish Jewish community in Vienna. “The history of the Spanish-Jewish community in…

Lot : 162

Collection of letters (1777-1778)
Correspondence between
Talmid of the Zera Shimshon,
and Talmid of the Chida
  Correspondence between Disciple of the Zera Shimshon, Rabbi Chananya Elchanan Chai Cohen,  and Rabbi Moshe Chaim Soscino of Firenze,…
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