Grand Winter Event
Auction #17

Part 1

Grand Winter Event
Auction #17

Part 2

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Lot : 152

Safra D’Tzniusa
with the Vilna Gaon’s Commentary
First Edition. Vilna-Horodna, 1820
  Safra D'Tzniusa, which is attributed to have been authored by Yaakov Avinu is described as the “Foundation to all…

Lot : 153


Frankfurt an der Oder, 1776

Chochmas Hayad Vehapartzuf with Yiddish Translation. Frankfurt an der Oder, 1776 A sefer that reveals the wisdom of palm and…

Lot : 154

Manuscript Collection of early Kabbalistic Works
Prague 1575

Rare historic anthology of kabbalistic manuscripts from the batei medrash of early Spanish kabbalists who lived in the period after…

Lot : 155

Fundamental Kabbalistic Work
Ornamental Manuscript of Eitz Chaim
Eastern-Europe, 18th Century
  18th century manuscript of Rabbi Chaim Vital’s monumental kabbalistic sefer Eitz Chaim. Beautiful Ashkenazic script, kabbalistic illustrations and adornments.…

Lot : 156

The Arizal’s Kabbalah
Five Handwritten Manuscripts
from the Legacy of the Arizal and Rabbi Chaim Vital
Ashkenaz, circa 1700
  A complete handwritten volume in Ashkenazic script which presents an anthology of manuscripts with the teachings of the great…

Lot : 157

Siddur with Kavanos of Arizal
Europe, 18th Century
  Siddur with prayers for the entire year with Kabbalistic intentions and customs, based on the siddur edited by the…

Lot : 158

Siddur HaRashash
2 Volumes of Tefillos with Kavanos for Yamim Noraim and Shalosh Regalim
500 pages of kabbalistic kavanos and Yichudim for prayers for the Yamim Noraim and Shalosh Regalim compiled and edited by…

Lot : 159

Historic documentation of 17th century Ashkenazic Jewish communities!
  Rare manuscript from Sassoon Collection Ledger of ‘Travel protection’ Taxes of German Jewish Communities 1685-1686 Valuable historic documentation of…

Lot : 160

Early Yiddish Storybook
“Di Neieh Krant”
with Woodcut Illustrations
Ashkenaz, 1763
  Storybook contains two stories in Yiddish from the early belles-lettres literary style period. 1. The first story is about…

Lot : 161

Ladino - German

History of Spanish community in Vienna
  This book recounts the history of the Spanish Jewish community in Vienna. “The history of the Spanish-Jewish community in…

Lot : 162

Collection of letters (1777-1778)
Correspondence between
Talmid of the Zera Shimshon,
and Talmid of the Chida
  Correspondence between Disciple of the Zera Shimshon, Rabbi Chananya Elchanan Chai Cohen,  and Rabbi Moshe Chaim Soscino of Firenze,…

Lot : 163

Manuscript Laws of Bedikos
with Semichah Letter from Ancona Rabbis
Ancona, 1762
This manuscript of the Laws of Bedikos, presented in a question and answer form, along with “Warnings to the Bodek”…

Lot : 164

Binding crafted by London artist
Tanach with Spanish Translation
Amsterdam, 1762
  Ornate Tanach with leather binding crafted by London artist. Torah, Nevi’im and Kesuvim precisely edited and printed on facing…

Lot : 165

Chevron Community
to Sir Moses Montefiore
Chevron, 1862
  Letter by Rabbanim and Community Dignitaries of the Sephardic Congregation to Sir Moses Montefiore. Chevron, 1862   Long letter…

Lot : 166

Rabbis of Jerusalem
to Sir Moses Montefiore
Jerusalem, 1855
  Letter from Rabbis of the Prushim Congregation in Jerusalem to Sir Moses Montefiore. Jerusalem, 1855 Heartfelt letter of thanks…

Lot : 167

Handwritten Kabbalistic
Drashah by the Chasam Sofer
Pressburg, 1807
  Handwritten Kabbalistic Drashah by the Chasam Sofer on Transforming Middas Hadin to Middas Hachessed. Pressburg, 1807 With the Shem…

Lot : 168

The Shevet Sofer’s Personal Copy of Shu”t Ksav Sofer
with Handwritten Glosses by
the Daas Sofer and Yad Sofer
  Shailos U’Teshuvos Ksav Sofer, Volume Orach Chaim by Rabbi Avraham Shmuel Binyamin Sofer, Av Beis Din of Pressburg and…

Lot : 169

Letter of Blessing by the Yalkut Eliezer’s Wife
Rebbetzin Chaya Sarah Sofer to Her Grandchildren

Autographed by her son the Yalkut Sofer

Heartwarming blessings penned by Rebbetzin Chaya Sarah Sofer, daughter of Rabbi Yoel Ungar and wife of Rabbi Eliezer Zussman Sofer,…

Lot : 170

Letter by Rabbi Shimshon Altman Hy”d
Av Beis Din ‎of Szentendre and Paks. 1931‎

  This letter was written and autographed by the holy hand of the tzaddik Rabbi Shimshon ‎Altman Hy”d, Av Beis…

Lot : 171

Responsum by the Levushei Mordechai
Rabbi Mordechai Winkler
Av Beis Din of Mád, 1913
  A teshuvah regarding one whose custom was to eat matzah shemurah from the time of harvest. The letter discusses…

Lot : 172

Historic Halachic Teshuvah on Holocaust Survivors!
by Harav Chaim Mordechai Roller
Av Beis Din of Niamtz. Bucharest, 1946
  Halachic responsa by Hagaon Harav Chaim Mordechai Roller, Av Beis Din of Neimetz, to the special Beis Din that…

Lot : 173

Manuscript with writings 
from the Beis Halevi
and many 
Gedolei Yisroel
  Handwritten never published manuscript of Sefer Beis Yaakov with Farnumerenten (Autograph Book) and Rare Letters of Approbation by Gedolei…

Lot : 174

Letter by Rabbi Chaim Rabinowitz
Rosh Yeshivah of Telz
  Letter with mazal tov wishes handwritten and autographed by Rabbi Chaim Rabinowitz, Rosh Yeshivah of Telz, in honor of…

Lot : 175

Letter From Rabbi Baruch Ber Lebowitz
to HaRav Kook Chief Rabbi of Eretz Yisrael
  Handwritten & Autographed Letter by Rabbi Baruch Ber Lebowitz, Rosh Yeshivas Kamenitz in Lithuania. Kamenitz, 1935    In this…

Lot : 176

Rabbi Michael Forshlager
Kuntress of Chiddushei Torah
  Letter and handwritten pamphlet replete with chiddushei Torah by Rabbi Michael Forshlager, close disciple of the Avnei Nezer and…

Lot : 177

Chabad Bichel
“Igros Kodesh” from the Mitteler Rebbe. 1824
  Handwritten “Igros Kodesh”, holy letters by the Mitteler Rebbe to his chassidim at the start of his tenure in…

Lot : 178

Chabad Manuscript
Teachings of the Tzemach Tzedek
  Manuscript of Likutei Biurim by Rabbi Hillel of Paritch and Bichel of Essays by the Tzemach Tzedek   Manuscript…

Lot : 179

Original Invitation to the
Wedding of the Lubavitcher Rebbe
Warsaw, 1928
Original Wedding Invitation from the Wedding of the Admor Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson to Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka, Daughter of the…

Lot : 180

“…light and joy…  materially and spiritually.”
Letter of Blessing by the Lubavitcher Rebbe
Brooklyn, 1970
  Letter of Blessing and Chiddushei Torah for Purim by the Admor Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson of Lubavitch. Brooklyn, 1970…

Lot : 181

Iggeres Rabbi Shrirah Gaon
Mainz, 1873
Printed on parchment!
  Printed entirely on parchment, this remarkable copy was sent by the editor Ber Goldberg to Rabbi Doctor Eliezer Halevi,…

Lot : 182

Sassoon Fragment Collection
   Rare Documents from the Sassoon Library Collection of manuscripts, documents and letters on various topics ranging from the 14th-19th…

Lot : 183

First Edition. Sabbioneta, 1556


The basis of all Ashkenazic rites and customs!
  Sefer Yesod Jewish laws, halachic rulings and customs for the entire year by the Maharil, Rabbi Yaakov Segal Moelin.…

Lot : 184

One of a kind!
Torah Ohr by the Baal Hatanya. Zhitomir, 1862
Extra-wide margins and three gilded title pages!
  Lectures on the weekly Torah portions of Sefer Bereishis and Shmos, Chanukah and Megillas Esther by the Admor Rabbi…

Lot : 185

Magnificent title page!
Nachalah Bli Metzarim.
Singular Edition. Vilna, 1836

  Essays on topics of mussar and derech eretz by Rabbi Yaakov Yeshaya Pras. In this sefer, the author specifically…

Lot : 186

First Hebrew book printed in Ashkenaz!
Darkei Lashon Hakodesh
Augsburg, 1520
  Important work of Hebrew grammar by Rabbi Moshe Kimchi, brother of the Radak. This sefer, written in clear, concise…

Lot : 187

First Jewish play ever published!
Asirei Hatikvah
Amsterdam, 1673
  Pardes Shoshanim – Asirei Tikvah. This 3-scene play by Rabbi Yosef Pinso conveys Jewish ethics and philosophy through poetic…

Lot : 188

First Aleph-Beis book Printed in Eretz Yisroel
Derech Hayashar
Jerusalem, 1862
  Derech Hayashar La-Yeladim (for Children) First and Only Edition Jerusalem, 1862 First Aleph-Beis book for children printed in Eretz…

Lot : 189

Contesting Gambling Games
Tzachkan Melumad U’Mischaret. 
Leipzig, 1686
  A fascinating composition by Rabbi Yehuda Aryeh of Modena against gambling through playing cards and dice games. Written in…

Lot : 190

Satirical Maseches Purim
Maseches Purim, Haggadah & Selichos for Purim
Lemberg, 1848
  Satirical Maseches Purim from the “Talmud Shikorim, ” Haggadah for Leil Shikorim (Night of Drunkards) and “Selichos” for Purim.…

Lot : 191

Rare Historic Document
from the Old Jewish Congregation in Frankfurt
Autographed by Rabbi Nosson Adler
Frankfurt, 1760
  Inscribed entirely on parchment, this captivating Code of the Bikur Cholim Society of Frankfurt encompasses 45 ordinances and signatures…
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