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Lot : 41

Manuscript by Rabbi Chaim Avraham Arnshtein,
AB"D of Bardiav
Disciple of the Chasam Sofer

Chiddushim and Torah lectures delivered in yeshivah by Rabbi Chaim Avraham Arnshtein, Av Beis Din of Bardiav. His autograph “Avraham…

Lot : 42

Letter by
Rabbi Eliezer Zussman Sofer
to His Son Rabbi Yosef Leib
Paks, 1898

A handwritten and autographed letter replete with blessings and congratulatory words by Rabbi Eliezer Zussman Sofer, Av Beis Din of…

Lot : 43

Shaarei Torah
With Over 50 Handwritten Glosses
by the
Machaneh Chaim


Sefer Shaarei Torah on the topic of chazakos by HaGaon Rabbi Binyamin Zev Wolf Loew of Verbov.  This sefer was…

Lot : 44

Rabbi Amram Fischer, AB"D of Yunk
Yunk, 1907

Son-in-Law of the Yalkut Eliezer

A letter abounding with chiddushei Torah by Rabbi Amram Fischer, Av Beis Din of Yunk, to his brother-in-law Rabbi Yosef…

Lot : 45

Handwritten Drashah for 7 Adar, 1874 by
Rabbi Yirmiyahu Low

“I delivered this drashah in the holy congregation of Ihel on 7 Adar, 5734.” This lecture, handwritten by Rabbi Yirmiyahu…

Lot : 46

Unknown Letter from the Chasam Sofer

Preserved & copied by Rabbi Asher Anschel Weiss
Author of Shemen Laminchah

Two letters from the Chasam Sofer written to Rabbi Daniel of Prositz, Raavad of Pressburg. The first letter contains fascinating…

Lot : 47

Halachic Teshuvah
by Rabbi Yeshaya Zilberstein,
AB"D of Weitzen & Author of Maase Lamelech

Handwritten halachic teshuvah by Rabbi Yeshaya Zilberstein, Av Beis Din Weitzen, regarding work on Chol Hamoed. Rabbi Yeshaya Zilberstein, Av…

Lot : 48

Chiddushei Torah by Rabbi Eliezer Deitsch
AB"D of Bonyhad & Author of Pri Hasadeh. 1908

letter signed by Rabbi Eliezer Deitsch, Av Beis Din of Bonyhad,   replete with divrei Torah and practical halachic ramifications regarding…

Lot : 49

Shapira Edition
Slavita (1824-1827)
Three Magnificent Volumes on Green Paper  Zohar by the Tanna Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai.  Printed by Rabbi Avraham Shmuel Shapiro…

Lot : 50

Complete Set

Jerusalem, 1844-1846

The first Zohar printed in Eretz Yisrael!

Sefer Zohar by the holy Tana Rabi Shimon Bar Yochai with the glosses and commentaries of the Ramaz and the…

Lot : 51

Tikunei Zohar
Rabbi Moshe Shapira Edition.
Slavita, 1826

70 Tikunim on ”Bereishis” the first word in the Torah, by the holy Tanna, Rabi Shimon Bar Yochai. Precisely edited…

Lot : 52

Sha'arei Tzedek
First Edition
Riva Di Trento, 1561

Foundational Work of Kabbalah


Introduction to the wisdom of kabbalah, primarily concerning the “Ten Sefiros” by the early kabbalist Rabbi Yosef Gikatilla. A foundational…

Lot : 53

Ginas Egoz
by Rabbi Yosef Gikatilla
First Edition
Hanau, 1610

  Fundamental work for beginners studying the wisdom of kabbalah by the renowned kabblist Rabbi Yosef Gikatilla. The title page…

Lot : 54

The Ramak

Pardes Rimonim
First Edition
Cracow, 1592

Introduction to the wisdom of kabbalah with many explanations on teachings of the Zohar, by the kabbalist Rabbi Moshe Cordova,…

Lot : 55

The Ramak

Asis Rimonim

First Edition
Venice, 1601

  Abridged version of the sefer Pardes Rimonim by Rabbi Moshe Cordevero, the Ramak, by his disciple Rabbi Shmuel Galiko.…

Lot : 56

The Arizal’s Glosses on Zohar Edited by the Ramaz.

Derech Emes
First Edition
Venice, 1658

The Arizal’s glosses on the entire Zohar, edited by Rabbi Moshe Zacuto, the Ramaz. One of the foundational sefarim that…

Lot : 57

Teachings revealed by the Maggid 

Maggid Meisharim by the Beis Yosef
First Edition
Venice, 1649

Secreted mystical teachings, warnings and practices revealed by the Maggid - angel from heaven, teaching and mentoring Rabbi Yosef Karo…

Lot : 58

Mashra Katrin
Constantinople, 1510

Exceptional rare sefer!

The secret of the time of the Redemption described in Sefer Daniel by the Kabbalist Rabbi Avraham Halevi Hasephardi who…

Lot : 59

Adam Sichli.
First Edition

Tiengen, 1560

A kabbalistic commentary on the Rambam’s Thirteen Principles of Jewish Faith, Yud-Gimmel Middos and Aseres Hadibros by Rabbi Shimon ben…

Lot : 60

Tikkunei Hazohar with
Chemdas Tzvi Commentary
Amsterdam, 1706

Only Edition!

Sefer Tikkunei Hazohar with the Chemdas Tzvi commentary by Rabbi Tzvi Hirsh ben Rabbi Yerachmiel Chatsh, author of Derech Yeshara…

Lot : 61

Eishel Avraham
Commentary on the Zohar
Fürth, 1709

Kabbalistic commentary and chiddushim on Sefer HaZohar by Rabbi Mordechai Ashkenazy. The sefer opens with an impressive title page portraying…

Lot : 62

Sodos HaTorah L’HaRamban

Prague, 1575

Shaarei Orah – Sodos HaTorah L’HaRamban rare and unpublished 16th century kabbalistic manuscript contains the kabbalistic teachings and commentaries from…

Lot : 63

Siddur Ha’Ar”i
with Kabbalistic Kavanos

Europe, Early 18th Century

  The siddur encompasses prayers for the whole year, beginning with Prayers for the Weekday, Shabbos, Yamim Nora’im, Festivals, Tikkun…

Lot : 64

Leaf Handwritten by
the saintly kabbalist
Rabbi Chaim Vital

A complete, double-sided leaf written by the holy hand of the saintly kabbalist Rabbi Chaim Vital, prime disciple of the…

Lot : 65

Shaar Hakavanos
Handwritten by the Kabbalist Rabbi Yosef Zarka

Tunisia, circa 1740

Manuscript of Shaar Hakavanos by Rabbi Chaim Vital on the prayers of Shabbos and Festivals , edited by his son…

Lot : 66

The Kabbalist Rabbi Yosef Sidbon of Tunisia

Shaar Ruach Hakodesh
Yiras Hashem Commentary
Tunisia, (1800)


Shaar Ruach Hakodesh is the seventh “gate” taught by Rabbi Chaim Vital based on the lessons gleaned from the Arizal…

Lot : 67

The Sacred Names of Hashem

Sefer Shorshei HaSheimos LaRamaz

Mantua, Circa 1685

 Original copy from the Ramaz’s beis medrash! The Holy Names of Hashem and names of angels, along with their explanations,…

Lot : 68

Eitz Chaim
by Rabbi Chaim Vital.

Two Complete Volumes
Tarlow, Apta County, 1781

Large Folded Tree of Sefiros. Two thick volumes with over 1000 handwritten sides in the handwriting of Reb Asher Zelig…

Lot : 69

Seder Tikkun Shovavim

Special Prayer
by the

Ohr Hachaim Hakadosh

Livorno, 1740

Seder Tikkun Shovavim which includes a special tefillah for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur composed by Rabbi Chaim Ben Attar,…

Lot : 70

Tikkun Chatzos and Hoshanos
Italy, 1750

2 Miniature manuscripts

Two 18th century Italian manuscripts bound together with illustrated title pages. 1) The Tikkun Chatzos Yom that is customarily recited…

Lot : 71



Kabbalistic Order
for Tu Bishvat
Bagdad, 1819
  Order of study and customs for the night of Tu Bishvat. The manuscript was prepared and inscribed by Abdallah…

Lot : 72

Important Kabbalistic Siddur

Siddur Avodas Hatamid.
First Edition

Livorno, 1794

Siddur of all weekday prayers in Sephardic rite; laws and customs with kabbalistic teachings of prayer intentions; and a comprehensive…

Lot : 73

Siddur Taharas Hashem,
Jerusalem, 1927

Nusach Sephard (chassidic)

  Nusach Sephard (chassidic). This was the first Ashkenazic siddur to feature the correct kavana - meaning (הוי"ה and אדנות)…

Lot : 74

The Leshem


The Saintly Kabbalist
Rabbi Shlomo Elyashiv
Shavil, 1892
  Handwritten postcard by the saintly kabbalist Rabbi Shlomo Elyashiv, the “Baal Haleshem” to his dear friend and kabbalist Rabbi…

Lot : 75

Luchos Eidus
by Rabbi Yehonasan Eibshitz
First Edition
Altona, 1755


  Sefer Luchos Eidus by Rabbi Yehonasan Eibshitz contains letters and endorsements by the great rabbis and kabbalists of the…

Lot : 76

Sefer Shimush by Rabbi Yaakov Emden
with his Handwritten corrections
 Altona, 1758
  The Yaabetz’s Opposition to the Last of the Shabbeteans and Frankists Sefer Shimush is the primary historical source documenting…

Lot : 77

100 Segulos
& 50 Riddles!

Sod Yesharim
Venice, 1595

    This book presents a collection of 100 segulos, medical remedies and natural wonders embedded in creation, as well…

Lot : 78

Early Hebrew Manuscript from India

Sefer Goralos Usegulos
Cochin, 1799
  A handwritten compilation of essays on wondrous topics such as good-luck, how to play/win the with dices, fortune telling…

Lot : 79

Shoshanas Yaakov
Chochmas Hayad V’hapartzuf

Rare First Edition
Amsterdam, 1706

Sefer Shoshanas Yaakov on the wisdom of palmistry and physiognomy (reading the face and other limbs) to understand the inner…

Lot : 80

A Magician’s Guide

Orchos Chaim-Shoshanas Yaakov
Venice, 1623

   Orchos Chaim- the Will of Rabbi Eliezer Hagadol published together with Shoshanas Yaakov written by Harav Yaakov Heilprunn of…
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Lot : 1.

Order of Prayer for
Yom Kippur Katan
Prague, circa 1665