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Foundational Sefer
on the Laws of Shechitah


Tevuos Shor - Simlah Chadashah
First Edition
Zolkova, 1733


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Foundational Sefer
on the Laws of Shechitah


Tevuos Shor – Simlah Chadashah
First Edition
Zolkova, 1733

 Halachic rulings regarding the laws of shechitah and treifos and chiddushim on Maseches Chulin by Rabbi Alexander Sender Shor.
 The sefer consists of three parts:
 Simlah Chadashah: Halachic rulings regarding laws of shechitah and treifos.
 The main text is surrounded by
Tevuos Shor, a comprehensive commentary on the laws discussed in Simlah Chadashah.
This is followed by
Bechor Shor, which encompasses chiddushim on Maseches Chulin and other masechtos.
Exceedingly Rare
This sefer was extensively used and the first edition was hard to find already in the 18th century, as described in the title page of the second edition(Zolokova 1766).
“Due to the sefer being beloved by all, many are excited over it, and seize the opportunity to purchase any available copy, and they use it over and over and there are no copies left”.
Sefer Tevuos Shor is a foundational sefer on the laws of shechitos and treifos, has been held in great esteem by all the great Achronim as the Pri Megadim writes in his introduction to Hilchos Treifas HaReiah, “Rabbeinu Ner Yisrael, Hagoan Hamuvhak author of Tevuos Shor is our eyes in these halachos, and all his words are beautiful for the eyes.”
The Darkei Teshuvah (1:53) writes “It is customary to give kabbala (certification) to a shochet u’bodek only after he is proficient in the sefer Simlah Chadashah, because it is compiled from all the laws of shechitah and bedikah [from the Rishonim and Achronim], and Hashem is with him, and the halachah is as he says, and we live by his mouth.”
In his approbation to Simlah Chadashah (Munkacs, 1901): the Darkei Teshuvah writes “I heard from my holy father [Rabbi Shlomo Shapiro of Munkacs] in the name of his father zt”l [Rabbi Elazar, the son of the Bnei Yissachar], that it is accepted among tzaddikim, disciples of the Baal Shem Tov zy”a, that the words of the Simlah Chadashah…purify the soul of a shochet u’bodek, so that no mishap shall occur through him, just as the words of the Zohar purify the soul, he adds “ the shochet u’bodek who studies frequently the words of the holy sefer Simlah Chadashah, the sanctity of the author of Simlah Chadashah will protect him from stumbling, while he is slaughtering …”
Since then, many Gedolei Yisrael have based their teachings on the Tevuos Shor, as the sefer Levushei Srad by the author of Arvei Nachal , and Sefer Daas Kedoshim.
Rabbi Alexander Sender Shor (circa 1673-1737) taught Torah in several cities in Poland and had many students. He refused to serve as a rabbi, even though he was offered positions in large and important communities. All the leading Achronim hold him and his works in the highest esteem.
The beginning of the sefer features approbations from the Pnei Yeshoshua and from Rabbi Elazar Rokeach, Av Beis Din of Brod, author of Maaseh Rokeach, among others.
 Zolkova, 1733. First edition. 126 leaves. Page size 32 cm. Professional restoration of margins on title page, upper margins cropped, several leaves with the upper title cropped. Minor holes. New binding.
Stefansky, Sifrei Yesod # 172
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