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Order of Prayer for
Yom Kippur Katan
Prague, circa 1665

Tefillos and Selichos for Minchah on Erev Rosh Chodesh with Yiddish commentary and translation by Rabbi Nosson Chazan of Prostitz.…

Lot : 2

Bris Yitzchak
Amsterdam, 1768

The night before the bris

Bris Yitzchak - Prayers and Tikkun consisting of Torah portions and prayers to be recited the night before a bris…

Lot : 3

Tefillas Haderech
Zoltzbach, 1793

Small-format miniature travel siddur that includes Tefillos  many people do not know by heart. Seder Korbanos; Tachnun for Mondays and…

Lot : 4

Rodelheim, 1825
R’ Wolf Heidenheim’s

First Edition

This Tehillim is “precisely edited…based on tradition and ancient proofread manuscripts”.  Prepared for print by Reb Wolf Heidenheim, renown scholar…

Lot : 5

with Ma’amados
Slavita, 1824

Rabbi Moshe
Shapira Press 

  Sefer Tehillim divided by days of the week, with the meaning of each chapter inscribed before the beginning of…

Lot : 6

Tikkun Leil Shavuos
Rabbi Moshe Shapira Press

Slavita, 1823

Tikkun Leil Shavuos and Hoshanah Rabbah based on the order of the Shl”a Hakadosh with the kavanos of the Holy…

Lot : 7

Shabbos prayer book 
Amsterdam, 1794 

Original binding! 

Order of tefillos for Shabbos with the Tikkunei Shabbos of the Arizal, edited by Rabbi Shlomo Zalman London. Tikkun Shlomo-…

Lot : 8

Large Prayer Manuscript

Hamburg, 1769


on Parchment

MAGNIFICENT LARGE MANUSCRIPT written entirely on parchment in neat calligraphy script, with decorative accents, elaborate initials   Ashmores Haboker Order of…

Lot : 9

Prayer Book for the Chazzan
Hamburg, 1829

Handwritten manuscript listing special prayers, and various readings used particularly by chazzanim. Created for the chazzanim at the Ezras Achim…

Lot : 10

Spanish translation
for the Marranos

Shir Hashirim
and Pirkei Avos
Amsterdam, 1766

Shir Hashirim with Ladino translation in the Latin alphabet, and Pirkei Avos with Spanish translation by Yitzchak ben Eliyahu Hakohen…

Lot : 11

Ben Hamelech V’hanazir
Constantinople 1518

Mussar sefer from the Time of the Rishonim

Stories and parables conveying lessons of wisdom and Mussar presented in the form of a conversation between a king who…

Lot : 12

Ohr Hashem
by Rabbi Chasdai Crescas
First Edition
Ferrara, 1555

This sefer by Rabbi Chasdai Crescas presents fundaments of religion and faith. and considered the First Sefer to reject Aristotle…

Lot : 13

Avkas Rochel
Rimini, 1526

Emunah and Geulah

Wondrous lessons on Emunah and Geulah discusses topics of the birth pangs of Mashiach, the war of Gog U’Magog, future…

Lot : 14

Sefer Ha’ikarim
Eitz Shasul Commentary
Venice, 1618

Foundational Sefer
on Emunah


Includes rare additional leaves. The Foundational Principles of Judaism by Rabbi Yosef Albo with the commentary of Rabbi Gedalyah Lipshitz’s…

Lot : 15

Derech Emunah
First Edition
Constantiople, 1522

  Discussions  on topics of emunah, and commentareis  on Agaddos Chazal by Rabbi Avraham Bibago.     Chacham Rabbi Avraham…

Lot : 16

Reishis Chochmah
First Edition
Venice, 1579

  A foundational work of mussar outlining the path to sanctity and repentance by the saintly kabbalist Rabbi Eliyahu di…

Lot : 17

Abbreviated Reishis Chochmah

Tapuchei Zahav
First Edition
Mantua, 1623

Tapuchei Zahav, written by Rabbi Yechiel Mili encompasses an outline and summary of the classic mussar sefer Reishis Chochmah by…

Lot : 18

Ohr Amim

Rabbi Ovadia Sforno

First Edition
Bologna, 1537

  The Sforno’s composition on faith and philosophy written to refute the teachings of Aristotle, whose philosophies are contrary to…

Lot : 19

Menoras Hamaor
with Nefesh Yehuda Commentary
Amsterdam, 1700

Menoras Hamaor by Rabbi Yitzchak Abuhav with the first printed edition of the Nefesh Yehuda commentary by Rabbi Moshe Frankfurter…

Lot : 20

First Sefer Printed in Jerusalem!

Avodas Hakodesh
by the Chida
Jerusalem, 1841

Sefer Avodas Hakodesh by the Chida, Rabbi Chaim Yosef David Azzulai. This sefer includes seven separate essays on halachah, customs,…

Lot : 21

Menashe ben Israel
Amsterdam, 1635 


Chamishah Chumshei Torah, Nevi’im and Kesuvim, meticulously edited and proofread by the famed distinguished Rabbi and scholar, Menashe ben Israel.…

Lot : 22

Amsterdam, 1676

First Tanach Printed
in Yiddish


Torah, Nevi’im and Kesuvim “translated, elucidated and explained” in Yiddish by Rabbi Yekusiel Blitz. This Tanach, renowned as Tanach Blitz,…

Lot : 23

Court Oath Chumash

Vienna, 1808

Chamishah Chumshei Torah with Authorization by Rabbi Elazar Flekles.  Historical Chumash. On this Chumash, Jewish witnesses in the Czech Court…

Lot : 24

Chumash Ohr Hachaim
Zhitomir, 1860

with Siddur for Shabbos Nusach Sefard

Chamishah Chumshei Torah in five magnificent volumes with the commentary of the Ohr Hachaim Hakadosh on Chumash. Each volume contains…

Lot : 25

Ramban’s Commentary on the Torah

Naples, 1490


533 years old!
    “Commentary on the Torah by Rabbeinu Moshe ben Nachman of Gerona, zt”l” The Rambans commentary includes explanations based…

Lot : 26

Ten Commandments with Ibn Ezra’s Commentary

Basel, 1527

The Ten Commandments with the commentary of Rabbi Avraham ibn Ezra. With Latin translation by German Hebraist scholar Sebastian Münster…

Lot : 27

Baal Haturim’s Commentary
on the Torah
Venice, 1544

Pearls of wisdom, gematria, roshei teivos and comments on Chamishah Chumshei Torah by Rabbeinu Yaakov son of the Ros"h the…

Lot : 28

Drashos HaTorah by Chacham Rabbi Shem Tov
First Edition
Salonika, 1525

Drashos by Rabbi Yosef ben Rabbi Yosef Ibn Shem Tov arranged in order of the parshiyos. The sefer culminates with…

Lot : 29

The Terumas Hadeshen’s
Commentary on Rashi
First Edition
Venice, 1519

“Commentary established by Hagaon Moreinu Harav Yisrael zt”l on Rashi’s commentary” Explanations on Rashi’s commentary on the Chamishah Chumshei Torah…

Lot : 30

Mechir Yayin on Megillas Esther
Cremona, 1559

The Rema’s first sefer!

The Rema’s first sefer! Beautiful copy An original commentary on Megillas Esther by Rabbi Moshe Isserlish, the Rema of Cracow,…

Lot : 31

Zera Beirach
Exceedingly Rare!
First Edition
Cracow, 1646

Drashos and commentary on parshiyos and aggados by Rabbi Berachia Beirach Shapira, Dayan of Cracow during the times of the…

Lot : 32

The Alshich Hakadosh al HaTorah
First Edition
Venice, 1601

Fundamental sefer. Toras Moshe L’Rabbeinu Moshe Alshich. Landmark commentary on Chamishah Chumshei Torah by Rabbi Moshe Alshich of Tzfas. The…

Lot : 33

Magen Dovid
Constantinople, 1517

A treatise defending the Radak
   Magen Dovid  = Defending Dovid (Rabbi dovid Kimchi ) Responses to grammatical question and critique raised against the Radak's …

Lot : 34

Rabbi Eliyahu Bachur

Mesores Hamasores.

Bomberg Press

Venice, 1538

  Fundamental work on the tradition of the torah text, including an explanation of the methodologies of the authors of…

Lot : 35

Rabbi Eliyahu Bachur
Izna, 1541

Fundamental sefer on the rules of dikduk by the great Jewish grammarian Rabbi Eliyahu Halevi Bachur Ashkenazy, with translation into…

Lot : 36

Rabbi Eliyahu Bachur
Sefer Meturgeman
Cologne, 1560

Impressive copy with ornate antique parchment binding! Elucidation of the roots of Aramaic words used in Targum Onkelus, Targum Yonasan…

Lot : 37

Chasam Sofer
Mattersdorf, 1802

“Even if one is at the lowest of levels, he still has a connection to the Torah”

Drashah for Shavuos Handwritten by the Chasam Sofer Mattersdorf, 1802 A sacred handwritten leaf from Rabbi Moshe Sofer, author of…

Lot : 38

Letter by Rabbi Shimon Sofer
Av Beis Din of Cracow
Marienbad, 1882

Kashrus certificate for a wine store belonging to R’ Yishai Alexander of Frankfurt am Main, handwritten and autographed by Rabbi…

Lot : 39

Rabbi Shmuel Ehrenfeld
Av Beis Din Mattersdorf

Essay on The Four Exiles

  Handwritten Manuscript by Rabbi Shmuel Ehrenfeld, Av Beis Din Mattersdorf Sources and commentaries on the four exiles that the…

Lot : 40

Rabbi Simcha Bunim Ehrenfeld
Mattersdorf, 1906

 Beautiful semichah letter written in verse and autographed by Rabbi Simcha Bunim Ehrenfeld, Av Beis Din of Mattersdorf and great…
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Lot : 1.

Order of Prayer for
Yom Kippur Katan
Prague, circa 1665