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Manuscript by Rabbi Chaim Avraham Arnshtein,
AB"D of Bardiav
Disciple of the Chasam Sofer

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Manuscript by Rabbi Chaim Avraham Arnshtein,
AB”D of Bardiav
Disciple of the Chasam Sofer

Chiddushim and Torah lectures delivered in yeshivah by Rabbi Chaim Avraham Arnshtein, Av Beis Din of Bardiav.

His autograph “Avraham Arnshtein” appears on the first page, whereas the name Chaim was added at the end of his life. Next to it appears a faded autograph: “Chaim Avraham”. The handwriting precisely matches the photocopy of his handwriting that appears in HaChasam Sofer U’Talmidav, p. 144.
He quotes the Chasam Sofer in a number of places referring to him with the title “Maran” (64b, 78a). On leaf 74b, he cites a question of the Chasam Sofer.
Rabbi Chaim Avraham Arnshtein (circa 1814-1871) Av Beis Din of Bardiav was a “famous genius and tzaddik and miracle worker” (Melitzei Eish). He was born in Pressburg and was a close disciple of the Chasam Sofer. The Chasam Sofer mentioned him in a letter to his future father-in-law, Rabbi Nosson Eliyahu Ehrman, Dayan of Irsha, “One of my special and elite disciples…I will not praise him at length. They will be fortunate to merit him, as he is especially gifted in Torah and crowned with yiras Shamayim…” (Igros Sofrim Vol 2 p. 26). He received semichah from the Chasam Sofer after his wedding. His friend, author of the Yalkut Eliezer, eulogized him saying, “He was a disciple of the Chasam Sofer and was also famous for his chassidus.” His widow married the Maharam Shick.
There is a calendar of the molados for the year 1858 in the inner binding at the front of the manuscript. The inscription on the calendar says, “I calculated this calendar of the molados, with the help of Hashem, on the fourth day of Chanukah, 1857…”
An index written in a different handwriting appears on the last page.
The dates in the manuscript are between
1854-1858. 91 leaves, of which 25 are blank. Page size: 21×16 cm. Minor stains. Original worn binding. Complete Volume.
For more information on the author see Divrei Avraham, Bnei Brak Edition, 1998, and Chasam Sofer U’Talmidav pp. 143-146
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