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Court Oath Chumash

Vienna, 1808

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Court Oath Chumash

Vienna, 1808

Chamishah Chumshei Torah with Authorization by Rabbi Elazar Flekles. 

Historical Chumash.

On this Chumash, Jewish witnesses in the Czech Court of Law would place their hands and swear their statements to be true.

 Four official government documents are attached to this Chumash, two of them were written and signed by Karl Fisher, Emperor Franz’s chief censor and reviewer of Jewish printed works. Fisher affirms that this book is the “Bible of the Jews” and worthy of being used in a court of law.

Another document with the signature of Rabbi Elazar Flekeles, Av Beis Din of Prague, in German. In which he confirms the book’s authenticity to be used in court. In the document he is described as “Chief Rabbi and legalist of Jews in Prague”.

Rabbi Elazar Flekeles (1754-1826) was the Raavad of Prague and author of Shu”t Teshuvah Me’Ahavah. In the course of his Rabbinical duties, he corresponded with Sir Karl Fisher regarding the issue of swearing over a bible in a secular court (see Shu”t Teshuvah Me’Ahavah Vol. 1 Ch. 26).

Vienna, 1808. Chamishah Chumshei Torah with Targum Onkelus and Rashi’s commentary; Chamesh Megillos and Haftaros. 74; 72; 53; 62; 70 leaves. Several miniscule holes on margins. Original binding. Fascinating historic item!

Provenance: William L. Gross Collection)
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