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Chiddushei Torah by Rabbi Eliezer Deitsch
AB"D of Bonyhad & Author of Pri Hasadeh. 1908

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Chiddushei Torah by Rabbi Eliezer Deitsch
AB”D of Bonyhad & Author of Pri Hasadeh. 1908

letter signed by Rabbi Eliezer Deitsch, Av Beis Din of Bonyhad,   replete with divrei Torah and practical halachic ramifications regarding the definition of “near the walled city” as to what date to practice purim.

 To the best of our knowledge, this letter was never printed.
Harav Eliezer Deitsch (1850-1916) served as Av Beis Din of Bonyhád and was revered as one of the prominent sages in Hungary. He received letters and questions from across the Jewish world and authored myriad halachic teshuvos. He was a disciple of Rabbi Yehuda Assad and Rabbi Menachem Eisenstad(Ash), and in the course of his studies in Ungvar, dwelled in the home of Rabbi Shlomo Ganzfried, author of the Kitzur Shulchan Aruch, whom he assisted in his writings. In 1897, he was appointed Rav of Bonyhad where he founded a prominent yeshivah. Rabbi Eliezer Deitsch’s celebrated works include the 4-volume Shu”t Pri Hasadeh, 6-volume Tevuas Hasadeh and others.
 Paks, 1908. Double-sided. Page size: 23×14 cm. Good condition.
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