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Sefer Yesod
Shu”t HaRosh
First Edition
Constantinople, 1517

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Sefer Yesod
Shu”t HaRosh
First Edition
Constantinople, 1517
Kushta Reish – Constantinople,
Shailos and Teshuvos by Rabbeinu Asher ben Yechiel, the Rosh.
Shu”t HaRosh is one of the first and most elemental sifrei teshuvos to be printed.
It is exceedingly rare to find this sefer in such pristine and complete condition.
One of the first sifrei teshuvos ever printed!


The Constantinople first edition of Shu”t HaRosh is of great significance, as it was this edition that the Bais Yosef used and studied from, and when he quotes from Shu”t HaRosh in the Bais Yosef it is based on this edition.

The Constantinople edition of Shu”t HaRosh was not subjected to censorship, and its text is regarded as authentic and accurate compared to later editions which contain numerous errors (albeit there are some sections in this edition that were omitted in comparison to later editions). (See Y. Yudelov, Mevo L’Shu”t HaRosh, Machon Yerushalayim edition.)

The Rosh’s teshuvos were topically arranged and categorized by his disciple into 180 chapters. The Constantinople printer notes in his preface that he added subchapters to the sefer and explains his motive for doing so.
Rabbeinu Asher ben Yechiel, the Rosh (circa 1245-1321) was one of the eminent early Rishonim and acclaimed as one of the “Three pillars of hora’ah” together with the Rif and Rambam in which Rabbi Yosef Karo based his rulings on in the Shulchan Aruch. Rabbeinu Asher was born in Cologne, Germany where he studied under the Maharam of Rothenburg. In 1301, he fled Germany to Toledo, Spain out of fear of being falsely persecuted as was his Rabbi, the Maharam of Rothenburg who was falsely accused by the authorities and spent the rest of his life in prison.
Colophon: “The questions and answers of Rabbeinu Asher z”l were completed today, on the 33rd day of the Omer of the year 5277, here in metropolitan Constantin[ople].”
Constantinople, 1517. First Edition. over 500-years-old!
Page Count: [190] leaves.
Page Size: 27.5 cm. Condition: Stains and sign of moisture on margins; minor restorations on title page and other leaves. New red leather binding with case.
Bibliography: Stefansky, Sifrei Yesod #267; Yaari, Constantinople #56
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