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Letter by the Admor Rabbi Yechezkel of Shinova

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Letter by the Admor Rabbi Yechezkel of Shinova

New letter discovered!
Letter by the holy Admor Rabbi Yechezkel of Shinova, son of the Divrei Chaim of Sanz and author of Divrei Yechezkel, to Rabbi Yaakov Yitzchak [Halevi Horowitz], Av Beis Din of Kańczuga.
This is a long and beautifully-written letter on personal stationery, with eight-and-a-half lines written and autographed by the holy hand of the Admor of Shinova.
The autograph on this letter is particularly remarkable, as most known autographs of the Admor of Shinova appear with the letter lamed at the end of the name Yechezkel combined with the shin of the Admor’s middle name, Shraga. Here, both names appear separately and in full, and there are only a handful of known autographs like these. (See Divrei Yechezkel Hashalem, 1999 p. 265)
To the best of Genazym’s knowledge, this letter has never been printed and is undocumented.
The Admor Rabbi Yechezkel Shraga of Shinova
(1811-1899) was the author of Divrei Yechezkel and eldest son of the legendary Admor Rabbi Chaim of Sanz. He married the daughter of the author of Aryeh Dvei Ilai and after his marriage grew close to his wife’s grandfather the Yismach Moshe. Rabbi Yechezkel Shraga was crowned Admor during his father’s lifetime and drew thousands of chassidim who revered him for his piety, genius and the miracles he engendered for the masses.
The Gaon of Shamloy described him in his sefer: “A tzaddik who is the foundation of the world, from whom all the tzaddikim of the generation draw their [wisdom]…From him the bounty of parnassah descends… This is the tzaddik of the generation, the holy elder of whom we said, ‘In his shadow, we shall live.’ The entire world responded upon him, ‘He is holy; he is holy, ’ and [after his passing] there remained no one in the generation like him.” (Even Shlomo, Vayechi)
Shinova, undated. Personal stationery. Page Size: 23×14 cm.
Condition: Reinforced on back fold. 
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