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Sacred Letter by the Admor Rabbi Chaim Halberstam of Sanz

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Sacred Letter by the Admor Rabbi Chaim Halberstam of Sanz
Author of Divrei Chaim. Sanz, 1868
“Children, life and bountiful sustenance!”
Sacred letter replete with blessings by the saintly Admor Chaim Halberstam of Sanz, Author of Divrei Chaim to his chassidim and followers. The last three lines were written and autographed by the Admor’s holy hand.
Among his words, the Admor showers the recipients with his bountiful blessings.
“May Hashem, Blessed is He, grant you bounty, blessings and success, children, life and plentiful sustenance, and may you merit to engage in mitzvos and good deeds and support Torah scholars joyfully and with peace of mind.”
The letter closed with the handwritten inscription of the divrei chaim
“I cannot [write] lengthily, due to my physical weakness, and my prayer, a prayer short in words may it ascend to the heavens to bestow upon you blessing, life and peace as is the wish of your beloved dear freind [greeting you in peace] the humble Chaim Halberstam.”
Admor Rabbi Chaim Halberstam of Sanz
(1793-1876), author of the Divrei Chaim, was one of the great tzaddikim of the Chassidic movement. He was a genius in both the Hidden and Revealed Torah a halachic arbitrator and spiritual leader to thousands. Before he was born, the Admor Rabbi Moshe Leib of Sassov blessed his mother that she would bear a child who would become the leader of his generation. At a remarkably young age, Rabbi Chaim married the daughter of the Baruch Taam, he learned and received much torah from him and later received semichah from him. In 1817, he was appointed Rav of Rudnick where he became a close disciple and ardent chassid of the Admor Rabbi Naftali of Ropshitz.
In 1828, Rav Chaim was appointed Rav in Sanz, and two years later, crowned Admor of the city. And became the most venerated Admor and halachic authority in all of Galicia, the spiritual leader of his generation who inspired and influenced tens of thousands of chassidim, among them residents of Hungary and Poland, as well.
Rabbi Chaim of Sanz was the consummate blend of Torah genius, sacrifice for avodas Hashem and perfection in chessed. He delivered routinely shiurim in torah and authored thousands of teshuvos. His emotional prayers were legendary, and held long inspiring tischim.
He distributed all his wealth to charity, and his sons attest upon their venerable father in the foreword to Divrei Chaim al HaTorah, “He dedicated all his days to Torah and service of Hashem, with dveikus and great fear, and with genuine self-sacrifice…
He afflicted himself throughout his life with fire and water, and immersed innumerable times in the mikveh. The charity that he distributed generously from his pure hands supported hundreds and thousands of poor and destitute…One could verily see the Divine Presence speaking from his throat.”
Sanz, Chanukah, 1868. Page Size: 23×14 cm.
Condition: Reinforced on back fold. Preserved in new leather binding.
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