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Shaarei Teshuvah
by Rabbeinu Yonah
Shapira Press.
Zhitomir, 1848

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Shaarei Teshuvah
by Rabbeinu Yonah
Shapira Press.
Zhitomir, 1848
Shaarei Teshuvah by Rabbeinu Yonah of Gerona, one of the early Rishonim, is the foundational source of later works of mussar and Torah ethics.
The present edition is in small format and was printed by the “Shapira brothers, grandsons of the Slavita Rav.”
Very Rare
The Zhitomir edition of Shaarei Teshuvah is rare; not recorded in the Jerusalem National Library. It is listed in a bibliography based on an incomplete copy from a private collection.
Foreword by Zhitomir Press
The sefer opens with an introduction by the Shapiro printers who recount the many attributes and importance of this sefer, “And surely one who places his heart to [heed] the word of Hashem by reading this sacred work…a great and awe-inspiring composition replete with knowledge and wisdom…his soul and spirit shall return to Hashem with complete repentance.” The printers likewise issue a call to the public to lookout for manuscripts of Rabbeinu Yonah’s other sefarim mentioned in Shaarei Teshuvah, in an attempt to publish them. A foreword of this kind is rare for sefarim printed by the Shapira family press.
Sefer Shaarei Teshuvah
Shaarei Teshuvah was unanimously and enthusiastically accepted by Jewish congregations worldwide as a guidebook to repentance. “One who reads it shall be wise to increase his holiness and piety, and his heart shall hasten to return, for holy words penetrate the heart…” (Shem Hagedolim, Rabbeinu Yonah) and “Fortunate is the man who merits to learn it every day” (ibid, Shaarei Teshuvah).
Zhitomir, 1848. Shapira Press. Page Count: [1], 55 leaves.
Page Size: 17 cm.
Condition: Stains on title page and last leaf. New binding.
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