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History of Gedolei Yisrael and their Sefarim
Shem Hagedolim by the Chida
First Edition. Livorno, 1774

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History of Gedolei Yisrael and their Sefarim
Shem Hagedolim by the Chida
First Edition. Livorno, 1774
Sefer Yesod
Primary bibliographical and biographical work by Rabbeinu Chaim Yosef David Azzoulay, the Chida, documenting the lives and writings of Gedolei Yisrael throughout the ages, including manuscripts and printed sefarim.
The Chida, Rabbeinu Chaim Yosef David Azzoulay,
(1724-1806) a great scholar in both the Revealed and Hidden Torah, who Authored dozens of sefarim on all topics of the torah.

Bibliophile, and pioneer in the publication of Jewish writings. In the course of his intrepid journeys throughout the Jewish world, he was exposed to thousands of manuscripts and rare sefarim, which he describes at length in his sefer Shem Hagedolim. This sefer is regarded as a primary, and in many cases, singular source of many compositions by the Rishonim and Achronim as well as a comprehensive history book spotlighting the lives and times of noted Jewish scholars and sages throughout the ages.

The present volume was the first in what would become the Chida’s four-volume series of Shem Hagedolim. It was printed in 1774 and preceded the later volumes which were printed in 1786 (Volume 2) and the two volumes of Vaad Lachachamim which were printed in 1796 and 1798. Famed bibliographer Ben Yaakov eventually compiled all four volumes into a single work entitled Shem Hagedolim.Throughout his monumental editing project, Ben Yaakov introduced changes and edits into the sefer, and omitted small sections.

This is the original first edition as authored by the Chida himself.

Already during the Chida’s lifetime, Shem Hagedolim Vol. 1 became a rare find. As the Chida expresses on the title page of the second edition of this work, Shem Hagedolim Vol. 1 it was the only sefer among the many works that he authored to be printed in a second edition during his lifetime 
Leaf 83a until the end presents sefer Chasdei Avos, a commentary on maseches Avos by the Chida.


Livorno, 1774. First Edition. Page Count: 131, [1], leaf.
Page Size: 14.3 cm.
Condition: Good. New leather binding.

: Stefansky, Sifrei Yesod #544
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