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Seder Olam
Megillas Taanis
Venice, 1545

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Seder Olam
Megillas Taanis
Venice, 1545

Megillas Taanis was compiled in the time of the bais Hamikdash
The collection contains:.
Seder Olam Rabba – Lists the history of the world from Creation until the era of Roman Emperor Hadrian. This work is attributed to the Tanna Rabbi Yosi ben Chalafta.

Seder Olam Zuta
– Abridged history of the world, based on Seder Olam Rabba with additions. This work was compiled during the era of the Geohim, and the Rema attributes it to the 11th century Rishon Rabbi Yosef Tov Elem.
Megillas Taanis – written by Chananya ben Chizkiahu and his colleagues (
Shabbos 13b) approximately a hundred years prior to the destruction of the Second Temple. Megillas Taanis is probably the oldest known braisa we have.
Megillas Taanis – the Megila of Fast days, lists the days and the events which Chaza”l prohibited mourning and fasting in order to mark and celebrate the remarkable events that the Jewish nation experienced on these days. Over the course of the ensuing centuries, many other dates and events were added to it.
Seder Hakabbalah L’HaRaavad – Fundamental historic work documenting the history of Jewish scholars and rabbis by Rabbeinu Avraham ben Rabbi Dovid HaLevi, the first Raavad.
Venice, 1545. Second Edition. Page Count: 62 leaves.
Page Size: 20 cm.
Condition: Top of title page restored, with no damage to text. Stains on margins of last pages.
Distinguished provenance! The title page bears the autograph of Rabbi Yitzchak Lampronti (1679-1757), one of the great Italian sages of his era and renowned for his monumental work Pachad Yitzchak.

: Stefansky, Sifrei Yesod #121, Comments
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