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Shu”t Maharam Rothenburg
First Edition. Cremona, 1557
Autographed by the Baal Shem of Michelstadt

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Shu”t Maharam Rothenburg
First Edition. Cremona, 1557
Autographed by the Baal Shem of Michelstadt
Sefer Yesod
Distinguished provenance!
Shu”t Mahara”m of Rothenburg is one of the foundational authoritative halacha sefarim discussed and studied by all future Poskim, rishonim and achronim.
There are two known anthologies of teshuvos by Maharam of Rothenburg, the first being the present sefer which is renowned among the Poskim as the Teshuvos Maharam Haktzaros (short Teshuvos of the Maharam) since the majority of teshuvos included in this anthology are quite short; while the second is called Shu”t Maharam MiRothenburg Ha’arukos (Long Teshuvos) and was printed in Prague, 1608.
Rabbi Meir of Rothenburg (1215 -1293), renowned by his initials Maharam Rothenburg. The Meiri refers to him in awe as “Rosh Yeshivah of all of the land of France”, and he was the preeminent spiritual master and teacher of Torah luminaries as the Rosh, Mordechai, authors of Shaarei Dora and Hagaos Maimonios. In his latter years he was kidnapped by Christian aristocrats, incarcerated and held hostage for an exorbitant sum. He refused to be redeemed to prevent enemies of the Jews to resorting to such tactics in the future. He ultimately returned his soul while in prison.
Distinguished provenance! The title page verso features the sacred autograph of the Baal Shem of Michelstadt: “I purchased this valuable and precious sefer for three marks. Zekel Leib of Michelstadt.”
Renowned as the Baal Shem Tov of Michelstadt, Rabbi Yitzchak Aryeh (Zekel Leib) Wormser (1768-1848), Av Beis Din of Michelstadt, was a tzaddik and miracle worker who generated wonders and salvations for thousands of Jews. In his youth, he studied under Rabbi Nosson Adler who probably inspired his journey into the world of Kabbalah. Rabbi Zekel Leib promised that the prayers of anyone who would pray at his grave would be accepted, and until this very day, there is a steady stream of Jews visiting the Jewish cemetery in Michelstadt. (see Kivrei Tzaddikim B’Ashkenaz p. 126). His writings and chiddushim were published in the sefer Baal Shem MiMichelstadt (Machon Yerushalayim).
Cremona, 1557. First Edition. Page Count: 108, [15].
Page Size: 19 cm.
Condition: Good. Top margins slightly cropped; on some leaves cropped titles. Small ink stains on title page. Miniscule holes in back leaves. New leather binding.
Bibliography: Stefansky, Sifrei Yesod #263
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