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Michlol Yofi
First Edition
Constantinople, 1549

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Michlol Yofi
First Edition
Constantinople, 1549
Commentary on the entire Tanach by Rabbi Shlomo ben Melech.


Important commentary on the 24 books of Tanach including important teachings and explanations of Hebrew grammar and the proper way to read the Torah, Nevi’im and Kesuvim.


Rabbi Shlomo ben Melech was born circa 1480 in Fez, Morocco. In 1520, Morocco was struck by famine, and he relocated to Constantinople where he authored the present sefer over the course of three years (see preface).
The title page border is from the famed Soncino Press.
Constantinople, 1549. First Edition. Page Count: [192] leaves. Page Size: 28cm. Printed by Rabbi Moshe Parnas.

Condition: Some leaves slightly cropped at margins; on some leaves text on margins are slightly cropped.

New leather binding.
The first leaf features signatures and notes by the owners, among them the signatures of the distinguished Lombrozo family and Rabbi Avraham Chaim Mussafia.

: Yaari, Hadfus HaIvri B’Kushta #148
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