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Piskei Challah L’HaRashba
First Edition
Constantinople, 1515-1520

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Piskei Challah L’HaRashba
First Edition
Constantinople, 1515-1520

Kushta Reish
      Sefer Yesod
      Halachos and halachic rulings concerning the laws of challah by Rabbeinu Shlomo ibn Aderes, the Rashba.


Piskei Challah L’HaRashba is the primary halachic work on challah and it is cited dozens of times by the Beis Yosef on Tur Hilchos Challah.


The Rashba, Rabbeinu Shlomo ibn Aderes, (1235–1310) 
was one of the greatest spiritual luminaries in the era of the Sephardic Rishonim.
He was a talmid of Rabbeinu Yonah and the Ramban, and his sefarim are among the most studied works in Torah literature. Rabbi Yosef Karo praises him with the accolade, “Pillar of the world; through his eyes, we see light” (Beis Yosef Yoreh Deah Ch. 110).
Constantinople, 1515-1520. First Edition. Page Count: [14] leaves. Page Size: 19 cm. Printed without a title page. First leaf with large title: Piskei Challah L’HaRashba z”l.
Stains and minor damage to margins.
New leather binding.
Bibliography: Stefansky, Sifrei Yesod # 240.
Hadfus HaIvri B’Kushta
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