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Sefer Malkiel.
Tihingen, 1560


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Sefer Malkiel.
Tihingen, 1560


Sefer Malkiel An ancient and exceedingly rare essential kabbalistic work by Rabbi Malkiel Chizkiya ben Rabbi Avraham, on the topics of reward and punishment; the sin of eating from the Tree of Knowledge; Og Melech HaBashan; the prohibition of zugos (pairs); and explanations of Aggados  Chazal.

There is little information known of the author or even his time period, yet the Shl”a Hakadosh (Maseches Psachim #511) cites his writings at length when elaborating upon the concept of the “Secret of the Zugos”:

“Sefer Malkiel already wrote extensively about this and explained the matter at length, and all his words are sweeter than honey and nectar…”

There are some bibliographers who believe that the author should be identified as Rabbi Malkiel Ashkenazi, founder of the first Jewish settlement in Chevron in the early 1500s.



Tihingen, 1560. Page Count: 22 leaves. Page Size: 18 cm. Condition: Good, with water stains at margins.



The city of Tihingen was home to a Hebrew press that functioned for one year only – 1560. Although only a total of six books were printed that year, each one is a rare Jewish treasure that left its stamp on Hebrew literature. Aside from the present Sefer Malkiel, the Tihingen press published Siddur Rabbi Hertz, Zohar Chadash on Megillas Rus and Shir Hayichud.



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