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Illustrated Sefer HaMinhagim 

with Passover Haggadah 

Amsterdam, 1774 

Unknown edition!

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Illustrated Sefer HaMinhagim 

with Passover Haggadah 

Amsterdam, 1774 

Unknown edition!

Seder Berachos contains a collection of blessings recited daily as well as blessings for the Festivals of the year including the Passover Haggadah, with their respective laws and customs.

The book includes 15 impressive woodcut illustrations depicting Jewish life during this era (see below for full description).

The sefer includes: Birkas Hamazon, Birkos Hanehenin, Birkos Hamitzvos, Kiddush for Shabbos and Festivals, Havdalah, Haggadah shel Pesach, Sefiras Haomer, Hadlakas Neiros Chanukah, Krias Megillah for Purim, Kiddush Levanah, Seder Eirusin and Nisu’in, Bris Milah, Pidyon Haben and Krias Shema al Hamittah.

Unknown Edition

During the same era, publisher Solomon Levi Maduro published a parallel work with the Laws in Spanish. The above printing is known and documented, however the present work with the laws in Hebrew is unknown and unlisted by any bibliographer and is not even documented in Otzar Hasefer HaIvri nor does it exist in the National Library in Jerusalem. Similarly, the Haggadah contained in this work is not documented in Otzar HaHaggados, which also documents Haggadahs printed in other books.

Amsterdam, 1774. Cashman Press at the behest of philanthropist Shlomo Levi Maduro. 52 leaves. Page size: 15 cm. Wine stains on Haggadah.



List of Illustrations:

Havdalah (1b)

Shabbos candle lighting (3b)

Kiddush levanah (9a)

Matzah baking (10b)

Haircut on Lag Baomer (31b)

Matan Torah (32b)

Kinos on Tisha B’Av (33b)

Blowing shofar (34b)

Annulment of vows (35a)

Building the sukkah (36a)

Hoshana Rabba (37b)

Lighting Chanukah candles (38a)

Purim costume parade (40a)

Circumcision ceremony (41a)

Jewish wedding (44b)

Item description from the ‘William L. Gross Collection’

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