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Letter of Blessings by the Admor
Rabbi Elazar Weissblum of Reisha. 1908

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Letter of Blessings by the Admor
Rabbi Elazar Weissblum of Reisha. 1908
“I received the p[idyon] n[efesh], and Hashem…should help your son tomorrow… I hereby bless you and your family with all goodness.” A handwritten, autographed and stamped letter by the Admor Rabbi Elazar Weissblum of Reisha.
The Admor Rabbi Elazar “Reisher” Weissblum (1838-1910) was the only child of the Admor Rabbi Elimelech of Rudnick, son of the Admor Rabbi Menachem Yissachar of Pshevorsk, who was the son of Rabbi Elazar of Lizhensk and grandson of the Noam Elimelech. Rabbi Elazar was orphaned of his illustrious father at a young age and spent the next year in the home of the Admor Rabbi Dovid of Dinov before being taken in by the Admor Rabbi Chaim of Sanz who raised him as his own child and married him off to his granddaughter, the daughter of his son the Admor Rabbi Dovid of Kashanov. Rabbi Elazar’s second wife was the daughter of Rabbi Chaim Yonah Halperin, Av Beis Din of Reisha whom he later succeeded.
Rabbi Elazar Reisher was renowned as a genius and fluent in both the Revealed and Hidden Torah and deeply admired for his sanctity, intensity in prayer and frequent immersions in the mikveh. His Holy Court threw thousands of chassidim from both Poland and Hungary, and he swiftly earned a reputation as a miracle-worker who brought salvations to countless Jews. The Admor Rabbi Yechezkel of Shinova once expressed that “Rabbi Elazar Reischer was granted the keys from heaven to heal the infirm, ” and he often sent sick patients to Rabbi Elazar to receive his blessing after the doctors had despaired of healing them. In order to mask his sacred ways, Rabbi Elazar would write prescriptions for medicines to be used not to reveal his spiritual powers..
In 1902, he printed his Mishneh Lamelech commentary on Torah anonymously.

Reisha, 1908. Handwritten and autographed letter on postcard. Verso features his stamp.

Condition: Torn margins, but all text intact.

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