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Shu”t HaRashba
First Edition. Livorno, 1657

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Shu”t HaRashba
First Edition. Livorno, 1657

Shailos and teshuvos by Rabbeinu Shlomo ben Aderes, the Rashba. The Rashba’s teshuvos were printed over the course of many centuries, and
Poskim refer to the present anthology of teshuvos as Shu”t HaRashba Vol. 2.
Rabbeinu Shlomo ben Aderes (1235–1310) more commonly known by his acronym, Rashba, was one of the premier Sephardic Rishonim and commentators on the Talmud. He was a talmid of Rabbeinu Yonah and the Ramban, and dispatched thousands of teshuvos which were universally accepted as cornerstones of halachah. A significant portion of the Beis Yosef is based on the Rashba’s teshuvos, and in his writings, Rabbi Yosef Karo praises him with the accolade, “Pillar of the world; with his light, we see light” (Beis Yosef Yoreh Deah Ch. 110).
Leaves 95-104 are marked “Teshuvos Me’HaRama” which refers to Rabbi Yaakov ben Moshe Levi Moelin, the Maharil.
This was one of the very first Hebrew works printed in Livorno!
Livorno, 1657. First Edition. Page Count: 8, 104 leaves.
Page Size: 30.5 cm.
Condition: Water stains and minor damage. Worn antique leather binding with new spine.
Title page bears the autograph of Rabbi Koppel Shanigen (d. 1816), who served as Dayan of Würzburg alongside Rabbi Avraham Bing.

: Stefansky, Sifrei Yesod #266
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