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Handwritten and Autographed Glosses
by Rabbi Akiva Eiger
on the Chassam Sofer responsa


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Handwritten and Autographed Glosses
by Rabbi Akiva Eiger
on the Chassam Sofer responsa


Handwritten glosses by Rabbi Akiva Eiger in the margins of a teshuvah authored by his son-in-law the Chasam Sofer. The teshuvah was printed at the end of the sefer Yam Hatalmud (Zolkova, 1828) pps. 69a-69b.

Rabbi Akiva Eiger inscribed two glosses in his holy hand, to one of them he added his autograph. One of these glosses begins with the astounding remark, “ Also I with this, but the wording of my son-in-law, the genius…”

Rabbi Akiva Eiger’s glosses are handwritten and autographed in capital kesav Ashuris Letters. This script can be found used by Rabbi Akiva Eiger in other writings.

The two Gedolei Hador Rabbi Akiva Eiger (1762-1838) and his son-in-law the Chasam Sofer (1763-1840) venerated one another and accorded utmost respect to each other at all times. 


Rabbi Akiva Eiger appealed to the Chasam Sofer to pray for him (Iggros Sofrim Letter 10), and the Chasam Sofer would often refer to Rabbi Akiva Eiger as “hakadosh v’hatahor, – the sacred and pure, ”, expressing tearfully in his eulogy, “Who can compare to him, and to whom will I liken him?” (Drashos Chasam Sofer pgs. 390-392).

Important discovery
The first gloss was partially printed in Gilyon Rabbi Akiva Eiger on Shulchan Aruch (Orach Chaim Ch. 67). However, in the printed gloss, Rabbi Akiva Eiger opens with praises of the Chasam Sofer’s statement, but cites a proof to the contrary, which has led to great confusion, to the understanding of the words of Rabbi Akiva Eiger. 


The original gloss presented here sheds new light on the topic clarifying and resolving the issue. ( where we can see that Rabbi Akiva Eiger actually is quoting from the Midrash, which confirms the opinion of the Chasam Sofer).


Description: Sefer Yam Hatalmud on maseches Bava Kama with the Mefarshei Hayam commentary by the illustrious brothers-in-law Rabbi Yosef Shaul Nathanson, Av Beis Din of Lvov, and Rabbi Mordechai Zev Segal Ettinger.



The end of the sefer includes assorted teshuvos authored by Gedolei Yisrael, among them from Rabbi Akiva Eiger and the Chasam Sofer, and their endorsements also appear in the beginning of the sefer. In his endorsement, Rabbi Akiva Eiger writes, “When the printing is complete, I request from your honor to send me a copy, and I will bli neder send full payment, as much as asked.”

This is the actual copy sent to Rabbi Akiva Eiger!



Distinguished provenance!

The title page bears the stamp of Rabbi Akiva Eiger’s son, Rabbi Yitzchak Leib Eiger (I.L. Eger, Johannesburg) who printed the gelyonos( glosses) of Rabbi Akiva on the Shulchan Aruch (Berlin, 1862).



It also bears the signature and stamp of the Admor Rabbi Moshe Halberstam of Bardejiov (1850-1904), beloved grandson of the Admor Rabbi Chaim of Sanz – the Divrei Chaim, who merited to study with his granfather and was appointed by him to edit his work Shu”t Divrei Chaim.



Zolkova, 1828. First edition. Page Count: 10, 81 leaves. Page Size: 37 cm. Condition: Beautiful copy with wide margins and antique cloth binding, with leather spine and new corners. (Stefansky, Sifrei Yesod #99). this sefer was previously in Kedem auction number 66


Gilyonos of Rabbi Akiva Eiger


Rabbi Akiva Eiger inscribed many notes and comments in the margins of his sefarim, over the years, these notes were published either together with his Chiddushim or as separate works.



 Rabbi Akiva Eiger’s writings, known to be precise, intellectually deep, and at the same time so sweet and enjoyable to learn, are cherished by those learning gemara. The Hagahos of Rabbi akiva Eiger are specifically beloved for their concise and exact words, talmidim continuously toil to decipher their secrets and answer his queries, and many sefarim have been written discussing his notes.



First Teshuvos Printed by the Chasam Sofer



Teshuvos authored by the Chasam Sofer first began appearing in print in 1841, a short while after his passing. However, even during his lifetime, several teshuvos were printed in other sefarim, among them Chiddushei HaRi Migash on Shavuos (Prague, 1826), Shu”t Rabbi Akiva Eiger (Warsaw, 1838), and the present sefer Yam HaTalmud which features comments by the Chasam Sofer’s father-in-law, Rabbi Akiva Eiger. …………………………………….. ….

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