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Lot : 123

Letter by the Rosh Yeshivah of Volozhin,
Rabbi Refael Shapiro
Volozhin, 1909


   letters written by Rabbi Avraham Drushkowiz Mashgiach of Volozhin with a letter from the Rosh Yeshivah of Volozhin Rabbi…

Lot : 124

Letter by Rabbi Yitzchak Elchanan Spektor
Av Beis Din of Kovno, 1890

“I request that you write me any chiddush or kashe, and it will bring me great nachas, for this is…

Lot : 125

Kollel America Polemics

Rabbi Chaim Ozer Grodzinski to Rabbi Shmuel Salant
Vilna, 1899


Historic letter sent by Rabbi Chaim Ozer Grodzinski, Av Beis Din of Vilna, to the legendary Rav of Yerushalayim Rabbi…

Lot : 126

Historical letters 
by Rabbi Moshe Mordechai Epstein and Rabbi Yosef Chaim Sonnenfeld

Fascinating historic letters regarding the founding of the Jewish settlement in Chevron from the early days of the founding of…

Lot : 127

Letter of Blessing by the Chafetz Chaim
Radin, 1925
From Radin to New York Letter replete with warm blessings from the Chafetz Chaim, to Rabbi Moshe Zevulun Margalies, elder…

Lot : 128

Handwritten Chiddushei Torah
by Rabbi Shlomo Heiman,
Rosh Mesivta of Torah Vodaath.

New York, Circa 1940

 Chiddushim on maseches Chulin and segments of chiddushim on masechtos Yevamos and Chulin by the holy hand of Rabbi Shlomo…

Lot : 129

Shoneh Halachos

Volume 3


Original Manuscript Entirely Handwritten by

Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky

Handwritten and Autographed Manuscript of Shoneh Halachos Volume 3 by Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky Shoneh Halachos is the well-known and fundamental…

Lot : 130

Chochmas Hamazalos
Rare Book on Astronomy
Basel, 1527


A very rare work on astronomy and calculating the Jewish calendar  Contains an anthology of essays and partial essays in…

Lot : 131

Ibur Shanim 
Venice, 1579

Fundamental work on the Jewish calendar

  Comprehensive composition on setting the Hebrew calendar, along with the calculations of the years, molados and seasons; rules on…

Lot : 132

A peek into Ashkenazic life in Amsterdam!

Takanos Hakehillah

Important collection of 12 booklets presenting the codes and shul policies of the Ashkenazic community in Amsterdam.  These booklets are…

Lot : 133

Pachad Yitzchak
Singular Edition

Amsterdam, 1685

  The tale of the miraculous salvation of the Jewish congregation of Padua during the Austrian-Ottoman War in the year…

Lot : 134

Halachah for Women

Mitzvos Nashim Melumada
Venice, 1652


Exquisite antique leather binding Halachah for Women The laws of Challah, Niddah, and candle lighting with words of mussar and…

Lot : 135

Nashim Ba'Ohel Society
Ferrara, Italy 1863

Rare, apparently one-of-a-kind document offering an eye-opening glimpse into the Jewish community of Ferrara! Handwritten document describing the mission of…

Lot : 136

Tzena U’re’ena
First illustrated edition
Zoltzbach, 1720

with over 50 Biblical illustrations! Yiddish commentary and anthology of midrashim and stories on the Chamishah Chumshei Torah, Haftaros and…

Lot : 137

Bridal Gift Siddur
Vienna, 1835
Siddur for year-round use with German translation. Nice copy with gilded edges in pristine condition, with attractive pleasant folkart embroidery…
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Lot : 1.

Order of Prayer for
Yom Kippur Katan
Prague, circa 1665