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Tanach. Paris, 1539-1543
Pristine Set!  
3 volumes

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Tanach. Paris, 1539-1543
Pristine Set!  
3 volumes


Beautiful printed  Torah, Nevi’im and Kesuvim with large letters and wide margins. Printed in Paris between 1539-1543 by master printer Robert Stefanos, official printer for the French monarch.
Complete 3-volume set, with each volume bound in green leather. Each of the Sifrei Tanach features a separate ornate title page printed both in Hebrew and Latin that bears the printer’s emblem.
Total of 24 title pages, which is highly unusual.
Sefer Trei Asar is printed along with the Radak’s commentary.
This exclusive edition of Tanach was printed on behalf of the French aristocracy and academia, and it is an impressive model of the ornate, intricate style characteristic of French Renaissance-era printing.
Paris, 1539-1543. Page size: 23.5 cm. Megillos are from the 1555 edition. Vayikra and Bamidbar both feature handwritten marginalia in Latin. Spectacular set in good condition.
Provenance: Private Collection, Five Towns NY.
Numbers of pages in Tanach:
[A] Sefer Yeshaya. [1539]. 124 sides.
[B] Sefer Hoshea, Michah, Nachum, Tzefania, Chaggai: [1539]; 66; 20; 44; 14 sides.
Sefer Yoel, Amos, Ovadia, Yonah, Chavakuk, Zecharia, Malachi: [1540] 32; 16; 19; 16; 12; 18 sides.
[C] Sefer Yirmiyahu. [1540]. 163 sides.
[D] Sefer Tehillim [1540]. 151 sides.
[E] Sefer Mishlei. [1540]. 53 sides.
[F] Chamesh Megillos [1555]. 79 sides.
[G] Sefer Daniel [1540]. 47 sides.
[H] Sefer Yechezkel [1541]. 139 sides.
[I] Sefer Iyov [1541]. 59 sides.
[J] Sefer Ezra (Nechemia) [1541]. 59 sides.
[K] Chamisha Chumshei Torah [1541] 579 sides.
[L] Nevi’im Rishonim [1544]. 501 sides.
[M] Divrei Hayamim [1543]. 180 sides.
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Private Collection, Five Towns NY.