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Ye’aros Dvash by Rabbi Yehonasan Eibschutz with Author’s Portrait. Vienna, 1818 Derashos,

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Ye’aros Dvash by Rabbi Yehonasan Eibschutz with Author’s Portrait. Vienna, 1818

Derashos, containing stirring mussar, divrei Torah and eulogies by Rabbi Yehonasan Eibschutz.

The front pages of this sefer boast an impressive portrait of the author, Rabbi Yehonasan Eibschutz. This spectacular portrait was desired by many to adorn the walls of their homes, resulting in the portrait being removed from most available copies.This copy features Rabbi Yehonasan’s portrait in a pristine state.

2 volumes in matching antique leather bindings with gilded engravings.

Yaaros Dvash was widely acclaimed throughout the Torah world for its brilliant pearls of wisdom and mussar which draw the hearts of the learner closer to his Father in heaven.

A famous Admor once remarked that the names of Rabbi Yehonasan Eibschutz’s two famous sefarim Urim V’tumim and Yaaros Dvash must have been switched, as Yaaros Dvash is truly the ‘urim v’tumim’ offering spiritual guidance and mussar to every Jew; and Urim V’tumim encompasses chiddushim that are sweeter than forests replete with honey!

Rabbi Yehonasan Eibschitz (1694-1764), Av Beis Din of Prague and later of the "Three Communities" of Altona, Hamburg and Wandsbek, was a noted lecturer, famous for his penetrating drashos which often spanned many hours of mussar. In the present work, Yaaros Dvash (Drush 11), he attests,
“I tell you in good faith that throughout all my days and years in this world, I did not value an hour more than this one when I stand before you to deliver words of rebuke and lead many back from sin.”

Vienna, 1818. Second edition. Vol. 1: [1], 100 leaves.
Vol. 2: [1], 95 leaves. 
High-quality paper with greenish tinge and gilded edges. vol. 2 has miniscule marginal holes.
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