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 Amulet from the Chassam Sofer   Rare Exclusive Manuscript with Decorated Title Page

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 Amulet from the Chassam Sofer  

Rare Exclusive Manuscript with Decorated Title Page Handwritten by Rabbi Pinchas Stein, Disciple of the Maharam Ash; Ungvar, 1848 – 1849

Includes: Responsa Min HaShamayim with Glosses and Amulet from the Chassam Sofer
Rare manuscript handwritten by Rabbi Pinchas Stein, Av Beis Din of St. Miklosh, author of Responsa Kinas Pinchas and Kinas Pinchas on Torah.

The manuscript contains a  copy of Responsa Min HaShamayim; a file of responsa regarding questions that Rabbi Yaakov of Korbil, one of the Ba’alei HaTosfos, would ask Heaven in his she’ailos chalom. It includes a title page and introduction as well as comments from Rabbi Pinchas Stein. There is an introduction from Rabbi Pinchas noting where the rishonim give the answers discussed, as well as an introduction written in rhyme.

The first four pages and final two contain an amulet for malaria based on Rabbi Moshe Sofer, riddles, poems – such as a poem of moral reproach composed by Rabbi Pinchas himself, and a lamentation on the death of his mother when he was nine years old.

There are two illustrated title pages at the start of the manuscript, and a decorated colophon at the end. Rabbi Pinchas signs his name on the bottom of the title page and marks the date: 2nd of Tamuz, 1848.

His son and successor, Rabbi Meir Stein, writes in his introduction to Responsa Kinas Pinchas, that his father wrote beautifully in Hebrew, for which reason the Maharam Ash had him write his letters and arrange his responsa for print.
[4], 20 leaves | 11 x 18 cm | Greenish paper | New leather binding | Very good condition