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First Edition Da'as Kedoshim by Rabbi Yehuda Tzvi of Rozdol; Lemberg, 1849

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First Edition Da’as Kedoshim by Rabbi Yehuda Tzvi of Rozdol; Lemberg, 1849

Explanations and hints on Shabbos and year-round holidays authored by Rabbi Yehuda Tzvi Eichenstien of Rozdol, son-in-law of his uncle, Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch of Zidichov and the main successor of the Zidichov Chassidus.
At the beginning of the sefer there is an endorsement from Rabbi Chaim of Sanz addressed to his son, Rabbi Yechezkel of Rozdol son-in-law of Rabbi Yehuda Tzvi.
Among his words Rabbi Chaim of Sanz writes:
"Who am I, lowly person, to testify as to the greatness of worth, for I almost did not merit to understand his holy words."
Later in his endorsement, Rabbi Chaim fixatives the name of the treatise, "Da’as Kedoshim, " and explains his choice.
This first edition was brought to print in Lemberg, 1849.
Stefansky, Chassidus 133
[2], 77 leaves | 23 cm | Marginal reinforcement on title page | Impressive new leather binding | Good condition