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Pamphlet on Chazon Ish 
Handwritten by the Steipler

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Pamphlet on Chazon Ish 
Handwritten by the Steipler
A lengthy pamphlet spanning 5 pages on the topic of
Shiurim In Halacha, the method of measuring the required amounts in Halacha, which has enormous halachic ramifications.
In this manuscript the Steipler discusses the precise measurements of the items given in the talmud in which to measure amounts such as the ‘thumb’ and the weight of certain coins. He tells of measurements he performed measuring the ‘thumb’ and quotes from what he heard on the matter from the Chazon Ish.
The Steipler and the Chazon Ish shiurim
In 1947 a fierce debate arose between the Chazon Ish and Rabbi Chaim Noeh regarding the method for measuring the amounts [shiurim] required in Halacha. Although the Steipler was a brother-in-law to the Chazon Ish he adhered to the Chazon Ish as his Rabbi. At that time, the Steipler lived in the same apartment as the Chazon Ish and knew all the halachic details involved. He thus stood at the front to uphold and spread the Chazon Ish method of measuring halachic amounts.
Rabbi Chaim Noeh published his opinion in his sefer ‘Shiurei Torah’. The Chazon Ish who disagreed with Rabbi Chaim Noeh published his opinion in ‘Kuntres Hashiurim’, to which Rabbi Chaim Noeh replied in the 2nd edition of his sefer ‘Shiurei Torah’. In response the Steipler authored his work ‘Shiurin DeOrayasa’ in support of the Chazon Ish’s opinion.
In this manuscript the Steipler reveals his opinion on Torah and Science
Aside from discussing the method of measuring halachic amounts’ the Steipler states his opinion regarding relying and studying History books and scientific studies.
He says: On the matters of coins, there is no evidence at all that the [size of the]durham has not changed. It is only that researchers from recent generations have looked at the ancient remains of the coins and through various estimates they concluded the state of the coins from about seven or eight hundred years ago. However, all their words are imaginations and hypotheses more so they are capable of deceiving and concealing, and are even capable of forging remnants of papers and protocols from 700 years ago, or whatever else they feel like doing. Yet, there is still reason to consider their opinion in this case for there is no known reason for them to fabricate the results, for what would they gain by drawing an incorrect conclusion regarding the coins, nevertheless all their findings are not reliable testimonies rather unverified assumptions.
Though in truth the evidence from sefer Hakadmonios [to Yosef Ben Gurion] is very strong, but I did not want to highlight this evidence so that I should not be preceived chas veshalom as an admirer of science. Since what they call sciences (including studying history books from the Gentiles) destroyed tens of of families from Israel who started in science and lost everything rch”l, may Hashem protect us, However just as all the matters of the our world, good and bad are intertwined as is well known, so in the matter of science there are some good crumbs in it such as the one in or discussion [of measurements] by which the methods of midos [measurements] are clarified. But most of them as a whole are harmful and defile the soul and so on. And therefore I was forced to write the evidence from sefer Hakadmonios without emphasis and barely noticeable and may Hashem the Rock of Yisrael protect us from errors and reveal to us the wonders of the Torah.
Bnei Brak 1973. 5 leaves Size: 33 cm, one of pages 18cm, good condition
Printed in Kisvei Kehilos Yaakov Hachadoshim (Bnei Brak 1998) vol. 1 s’ 119. see also sefer Yad Ariel (Jerusalem 2008) p. 35.
Rabbi Yaakov Yisroel Kanievesky (1899-1985) known as the Steipler Gaon, of the great leaders and tzaddikim of the last generation, he highly regarded the writing of his Chidushei Torah investing tremendous effort and sanctity to them. He would immerse in the Mikveh before writing chidushei torah (Orchos Rabbeinu vol. 5 p.235) and designated a pen just for writing Chidushei Torah. He toiled continuously to clarify the ideas and chidushim in his writings and meticulously edited the wordings to perfect the writings, as can be seen in this manuscript the corrections and notes he added over and over.
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