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Historic Letter from
Rabbi Yisroel Salanter
Founder of the Mussar Movement. Memel, 1861

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Historic Letter from
Rabbi Yisroel Salanter
Founder of the Mussar Movement. Memel, 1861
Letter from Rabbi Yisroel Salanter and Rabbi Eliyahu Chaim Meizel Rabbi of Lodz to Rabbi Zvi Binyamin Auerbach Rabbi of Halberstadt regarding the Torah journal “HaTevunah.”
As part of Rabbi Yisroel’s great efforts to strengthen Torah study, he founded the first Torah journal in Eastern Europe – “HaTevunah” a journal consisting of essays and articles from leading Rabbis of the time on Torah and Mussar.
The letter begins with a request written by Rabbi Eliyahu Chaim Meizel Rabbi of Lodz an acquaintance of Rabbi Zvi Binyamin Auerbach Rabbi of Halberstadt, asking him on behalf of Rabbi Yisroel Salanter to support the initiative and to submit an essay of chidushei torah to be published in the ‘Hatevunah’ journal.
Followed by a letter written and autographed by Rabbi Yisroel Salnter himself with a personal request to Rabbi Zvi Binyamin Auerbach asking him to send his words of Torah for publication.
The Tzaddik and Gaon Rabbi Yisroel Lipkin of Salant (1810-1883) renowned for his greatness, righteousness, humility, and holiness…..He enlightened Israel with his Torah and yiras shmaim to return their hearts to their Father in heaven. And to instill in them yiras shomaim and good midos , and with his pure and sweet words he turned many away from evil….He taught the nation to dedicate time every day to study books of mussar and yirah with a passionate tone and with a stirring tune in order to awaken the soul and improve one’s character. (the introduction of his student Rabbi Itzla Blazer to Or Yisrael)
Rabbi Yisroel had many great talmidim who later went on to establish the great institutions of: Kelem, Novhardok and Slabodka, and many other esteemed Lithuanian Yeshivos followed his path. His essays and letters were published in the sefer Or Yisroel and Kadosh Yisroel.
Rabbi Yisroel’s passion for strengthening Torah and yiras shomaim among his Jewish brothers knew no bounds. In order to expand his influence to Western Europe, he initially sought to improve the situation in Germany, where the reform movements were in charge, and few Jews remained faithful to Torah and mitzvot.
He established himself in Mamel, where he found an extensive field for his work and many helpers. Mamel was also a large commercial center at that time, where thousands of people would gather from all over the Lithuanian countryside. Rabbi Israel began delivering lectures and discussions, and this sparked a spiritual revolution in the entire city.
In his introduction to “HaTevunah” he presents three goals.
1] To raise the Torah’s stature and expand its borders
2] To present necessary clarifications, to the topic of character development [importance of musar]
3] To correct the character and accustom the sharp-witted youth while he is still innocent before his legs stumble upon the turmoil of the time and its troubles (pertaining to students who attended German universities at that time).
Great Rabbis of the generation from all over the world contributed to the Hatveunah journal. The journals began appearing in 1861 and were printed in Memel and Königsberg, its publication ran only for three months (late 1861/early 1862) in which 12 journals were issued.
 Hagaon Rabbi Eliyahu Chaim Meizel, Rabbi of Lodz (1881-1912) was one of the greatest leaders and patrons of his generation. He was accepted into the Volozhin Yeshiva at a very young age, he received semicha from Hagaon Rabbi Ya’akov Av Bais Din of Karlin author of “Mishkanot Ya’akov”, he lived to the age of ninety-one and was niftar on Iyar 14th 1912.
Memel 1861. Size 23*28 cm, thin blue paper, glue stains.
The Frame is not  included.
Translation of the letter:
With Hashem’s help, Thursday, the sixth of Shevat, Memmel
To the honorable, beloved of Hashem, and my beloved soulmate, the great rabbi, renowned for his tremendous genius and immense knowledge, …… Rabbi M’ Tzvi Binyomin… Auerbach
Greetings and kind regards to you and your Torah, with love.
This week I have written to your honor about the matter discussed between us in the past. Now, I have come for something different, which, in my opinion, will find favor in his honor’s eyes and I hope that my request will be fulfilled. It is so that the beloved of Hashem Harav HaGaon Moreinu Yisrael Salanter Sh’ which has now settled here at Memel, desires to bring out every week leaves full of Hashem’s blessings and distribute them amongst Israel, these leaves will include inquiries and responses from the geniuses of our time, pilpulim in halacha, inquiries into the principles of the halachos, innovations, and explanations in Halacha and Aggadah and the Holy Scriptures, also poems and moral songs to enthuse the hearts of those who desire to come close to Hashem. And I was asked by the above-mentioned rabbi (since he is not so well acquainted with his honor) that I should come in his stead and ask from your honor to also give his hand and send some grains of his precious chidushim or pilpulim and questions and answers. Please let the words of your esteemed honor appear and adorn the publication like a crown.
I was compelled to the request of the above-mentioned Rabbi and Gaon and here I plead with you in this matter and I hope that his honor in his kindness would fulfill his request.
His faithful friend who is bound with love in heart and soul, is honored by his honor,
Eliyahu Chaim Meisel
The writings that his honor will send here, he should send them for franked and upon arrival here, the post fees will be paid.
Also I greet with peace the Honorable Rabbi HaGaon, etc., etc. Tzvi Binyomin.. May Hashem be with him….
 My soul desires for what my honorable friend the above-mentioned Rabbi HaGaon [has written to you], and in his kindness he is confident that my request will be fulfilled. Seeking his well-being, please send me his pleasant words as soon as possible, and I will make them a crown to my head with the help of Hashem.
Hoping for his well-being
Yisroel from Salant known as Lipkin
The address to me
Israel Lipkin in Memel, Preussen
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