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Yosef Daas, commentary on Rashi
Singular Edition. Prague, 1609

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Yosef Daas, commentary on Rashi
Singular Edition. Prague, 1609
Comprehensive commentary on Rashi with illustrations.
Commentary and elucidations explaining Rashi’s commentary on the torah by Rabbi Yosef ben Rabbi Yissachar Miklish from Prague.
In this sefer, the author sought to correct any errors that were introduced over time into Rashi’s commentary on the Torah. For this purpose, he utilized several antique printed Chumashim as well as an ancient handwritten manuscript found in Lublin from the 14th century! At the end of his introduction, Rabbi Yosef presents the principles to understand Rashi’s methodology, and these principles were reprinted and included in many subsequent editions of Chamishah Chumshei Torah.
The present sefer also contains several impressive illustrations to illuminate and clarify Rashi’s words. Some of these drawings fill the entire page, such as the ladder in Yaakov’s dream; menorah; drawing of the Mishkan, choshen and eiphod; and map of Bnei Yisrael’s travels which the author based on an illustration from his Rebbi the Levush.
Yosef Daas also encompasses explanations and comments on the gematrios presented by the Baal Haturim on the Torah.
Rabbi Yosef ben Yissachar Miklish of Prague (1580-1654) was the prime disciple of the illustrious sages of Prague in his era, among them the Maharal, Levush and Kli Yakar. He inscribes in the introduction to this sefer that he authored and printed it with the consent and endorsement of his spiritual masters, the Maharal and Kli Yakar, referring frequently to their teachings in his commentary.
Prague, 1609. Singular edition. (To date, this sefer was never reprinted, but it has reappeared in a photocopied edition.) 60 [1] folded leaf, 65-152 leaves. Page size: 19 cm. Upper margin of menorah illustration cropped with minor part of the drawing missing. First 2 leaves and folded chart lightly reinforced. Good condition. New half-leather binding.
Provenance: The William Gross Collection , Los Angeles – Tel Aviv.
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