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Handwritten Teshuvah by the Holy  

Rabbi Akiva Eiger. Friedland, 1812

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Handwritten Teshuvah by the Holy  

Rabbi Akiva Eiger. Friedland, 1812


Av Beis Din of Posna. Friedland, Early 19th Century


An original handwritten teshuvah written by the holy hands of the legendary Rabbi Akivah Eiger of the greatest Achronim.

The teshuvah is on Choshen Mishpat written to his son-in-law Rabbi Avraham Moshe Kalischer, Av Beis Din of Fila, and was printed in Shu”t Rabbi Akiva Eiger Hachadashos Ch. 83 (Budapest, 1938) based on this manuscript.

 The teshuvos of Rabbi Akiva Eiger in halacha are recognized as one of the foremost halachic authoritative works from the Achronim era . many later rabbanim regardered his chidushei torah as highly as the teachings of one of the Rishonim (see Shu”t Tzitz Eliezer Vol 14 Ch.100,) 
The Netziv stated “One who delves deeply into the teshuvos of Rabbi Akiva Eiger z”l will discover not only great wonders and genius but also pure fear of Hashem and humility within each and every line. And there is no greater mussar sefer than this…

“The light of Yisrael, ” “the candle of Yisrael, ” “the genius of Yisrael, ” “the holy one of Yisrael, ” and “the king of Yisrael” are just several of the accolades that Rabbi Akiva Eiger’s son-in-law, the Chasam Sofer, bestowed upon his illustrious father-in-law.

Hagaon Rabbi Akiva Eiger (1762-1838) Rav and Rosh Yeshivah in Posna.considered the leading Gadol in his generation, he corresponded in his teshuvos with the great achronim, Rabbi Yakov of Lisa the Nesivos hamishpat; Rabbi Meir Pozner the Bais Meir; the Chemdas Shlomo and many more. he extended great effort to reply to anyone who sent him a question, as the author of the Sho’el U’meishiv attests, “He was renowned throughout the world, as it was his custom to respond to every person who asked him a question about the word of Hashem” (ibid p. 120).

“We should remember how Rabbeinu [Akiva Eiger] was a father of his generation; he learned Torah despite tremendous challenges, and we can hope that one who learns from his sefarim will be spared physical, emotional and financial tribulations in his merit” (Rabbi Eliyahu Guttmacher in his letter printed in Hagahos Rabbi Akiva Eiger on Shulchan Aruch Even Haezer, Choshen Mishpat).
Rabbi Akiva Eiger’s son-in-law Rabbi Avraham Moshe Kalischer, who was the recipient of this letter, passed away at a young age, and his widow Rebbetzin Serel then married the Chasam Sofer. On the top of the letter ‘Yaakov Moshe’ is mistakenly written in block writing, but that is clearly an error; it was meant to be ‘Avraham Moshe.’

Friedland, prior to 1812. Page size: 35×20 cm. Double-sided with 2 columns not signed  (the second side has only a third of a column of text please see photos). Minor tear on bottom right corner with minute missing text. Several ink stains, mostly in margins.
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