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One of a kind! Elya Rabba
First Edition. Zoltzbach, 1757

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One of a kind! Elya Rabba
First Edition. Zoltzbach, 1757
Chiddushei halachah and commentary on Shulchan Aruch Orach Chaim by Rabbi Elya Shapira, Av Beis Din of Tiktin , later a Rosh Yeshivah and famous lecturer in Prague.
This is the first edition of one of the most fundamental halachic works on Orach Chaim!
Extra-wide margins copy in good condition. The wide margins appear on the full perimeter of the page,  
The present first edition of Elya Rabba features a striking title page, beautifully illustrated with images of Moshe and Aharon in the center; akeidas Yitzchak; Yitzchak’s blessings to Yaakov and Eisav; Yaakov’s dream; Dovid Hamelech and Shlomo Hamelech, all with distinct artistic motifs. This is, without a doubt, one of the most impressive title pages adorning sefarim printed in Germany!
Rabbi Elya Shapira (circa 1660-1712) was one of the great Achronim in Germany. In his youth, he studied under the Magen Avraham. He became a brother-in-law of both Rabbi Dovid Oppenheim and the author of Shvus Yaakov.
Zolzbach, 1757. First edition. [2], 218, [1] leaf. Page size: 39 cm. Miniscule holes on some of the inner margins of the pages. Original binding with laces to hold the sefer. New leather spine.
Stefansky, Sifrei Yesod #173

 from the ‘William L. Gross Collection’


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