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Rashba's Commentary on Talmud
First Edition. Constantinople, 1720
Personal copy of the Korban Nesanel!

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Rashba’s Commentary on Talmud
First Edition. Constantinople, 1720
Personal copy of the Korban Nesanel!
Personal autographed copy of the Korban Nesanel!
First print of the Rashba’s chiddushim on Masechtos Shabbos, Rosh Hashanah, Megillah, Succah, Yevamos, Nedarim and Bava Kama.sefer begins with approbations by the great Rabbanim of Constantinople, among them the author of Mishneh Lamelech. The title page features the autograph of Rabbi Nesanel Weill, author of Korban Nesanel:
“The humble Nesanel, here in the congregation of Posvilliers and the vicinty.”


Constantinople, 1720. First edition. [2], 191 leaves. Page size: 30 cm. 
Professional restorations on margins of title page and first few pages.On leaf 76a is an old reinforcement on margin with a slight tear and no missing text.Stefansky, Sifrei Yesod #52
The Korban Nesanel’s autograph as Av Beis Din of Posvilliers is rare, as he served as Rav of the town for only a short period of time, during the year 1749. Posvilliers was the capital of the county Hanau-Lichtenberg, and Posvilliers was the largest of the 28 communities that belonged to the county, which boasted a regional Rabbinate. (Yeshurun 17 p. 717)
The Korban Nesanel cites the Chiddushei HaRashba on these masechtos on several occasions in his own sefer.
Rabbi Nesanel Weill (1687-1769), Av Beis Din of Karlsruhe, was a descendant of Mahar”i Weill and one of the great Achronim. He was the prime disciple of Rabbi Avraham Broide who arranged his marriage to his niece.

Rabbi Nesanel is widely called after his sefer Korban Nesanel, a fundamental work on the writings of the Rosh which was widely acclaimed and printed alongside the Ros”h in all current gemaras. The Avnei Nezer wrote, “The sefer Korban Nesanel is very dear to me, for I heard from my honored father-in-law [Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Kotzk] great praises upon this sefer.”

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