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Chiddushim on Shas and Rambam by Harav Aviezri Zelig Auerbach, Av Beis

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Chiddushim on Shas and Rambam by Harav Aviezri Zelig Auerbach, Av Beis Din of Posvilliers & Prime Disciple of Harav Yehonasan Eibschitz, (1758-1768).

Autographed Manuscript.

Large handwritten volume of chiddushim on masechtos Brachos, Shabbos, Pesachim, Rosh Hashanah, Yevamos, Kiddushim, Sanhedrin, Nedarim, Avodah Zara and Makkos. The final section of the manuscript contains Harav Aviezri Zelig Auerbach’s handwritten chiddushim on the Rambam.

The manuscript includes the author’s handwritten notes citing his spiritual mentor, Harav Yehonasan Eibschitz, such as Page 32, 2: “And my teacher and master Moreinu Harav Yehonasan zt”l queried…”

The title page bears a handwritten inscription by his son Hagaon Harav Avraham Auerbach, Av Beis Din of Buna, as well as numerous chiddushim and comments that he heard from his father. Harav Avraham also added an index for his father’s chiddushim on Shas and Rambam

Hagaon Harav Aviezri Zelig Auerbach, Av Beis Din of Posvilliers (1722-1768) was the son of Harav Tzvi Hirsch Auerbach, Av Beis Din of Worms, and quotes his father’s chiddushim frequently in this manuscript. He was the prime disciple of Harav Yehonasan Eibschitz (1745-1750), a genius and well-versed in both the Revealed and Hidden Torah. Appointed Chief Rabbi of France, he served in this position until his passing at the age of 42. His chiddushim were finally published in contemporary times.

His son Harav Avraham Auerbach, Av Beis Din of Buna (1763-1846) was a disciple of Hagaon Harav Nosson Adler and son-in-law of his uncle Hagaon Harav Yosef Dovid Sinzheim. He supported his father faithfully throughout his public endeavors and activities in Napoleon’s Grand Sanhedrin.

The dates noted in this manuscript range from 1758-1768. Among the pages of the manuscript are various letters and documents (Tena’aim Deed, Subpoena for Testimony, etc.) on which the author inscribed his chiddushei Torah on the opposite side of the page.

Complete, edited, clear manuscript with title page and indexes. Harav Aviezri Zelig Auerbach’s works were recently published based on this manuscript.

[1], 117, [2]: [1] page + 40 pages of appendixes in smaller format among the manuscript pages. Total 195 pages. Height 32 Cm. Good condition. Original binding detached, lacks spine.

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