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A Group of Endorsment Letters by the Leading Hungarian Rabbis

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A group of endorsment letters by the leading  Hungarian rabbis

A group of endorsement letters for a shochet u’bodek of Budapest Hungary
This collection contains letters from Hagaon Rabbi Shimon Greenfeld, the Maasei Lamelech and other Rabbonim from the city of Debrecen.

1) Handwritten endorsement with the signature of
Rabbi Shimon Greenfeld (1861-1930) Av Beis Din of Semihali , known as the author of responsa Maharshag was a prominent leader of Hungarian Jewry in his generation.

2) Handwritten letter of recommendation and signature of 
Rabbi Yeshaya Zilberstein, AB”D of Weitzen (1857-1930), was of the leading Rabbonim in Hungary. He authored the  sefer Maasei Lamelech on the Rambam. He was the Rav of Weitzen for forty-six years.
Pg. size: 14 x 23 cm. Slightly torn in upper right-hand margin. Good condition.

3) Handwritten and signed endorsement letter by
Hagaon Rabbi Zev Wolf Rosenberg, Rosh Beis Din in Debrecen – known as Rabbi Wolf Dayan.

4) Letter from
Rabbi Binyomin Shlomo Zvi Strasser, Av Beis Din of Debrecen, and grandson of the Ksav Sofer. He was a student of his uncle, the Shevet Sofer and was appointed as Av Beis Din in Debrecen in 1902.

5) Letter from
Rabbi Yehuda Leib Weinberger, Rabbi of Nigresht from 1931.

6) A letter of recommendation from the shochtim of Debrecen attesting that the above-mentioned person studied and is an expert in all the pertinent halachos of shchita u’bedika .
7) Additional recommendation from the Shochtim of Debrecen.
Letters 1,3 and 4 are on the same page: varying sizes and conditions, some stains and crease marks.