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Rare Kabbalistic Manuscript: Chessed L'Avraham Siddur with Unprinted Additions; Tilalin (Morocco), 1840. 

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Rare Kabbalistic Manuscript: Chessed L’Avraham Siddur with Unprinted Additions; Tilalin (Morocco), 1840. 

Siddur for weekday and Shabbos according to the customs of the Ar"I, including detailed intentions based on the Ar"I’s writings, edited by the holy Kabbalist, Rabbi Avraham Tubiana.
This manuscript contains several prayers that are not found in the printed edition.
Manuscript of Rabbi Mordechai ben Shabbat from the city Tilalin, Morocco, dated 1840. Tilalin, located in West Morocco, became famous for producing the great ben-Shabbat, Yisrael and Ifergan families.
Written in neat handwriting, this manuscript is replete with Holy Names. Each page bears two columns and is surrounded by a border. There are separate title pages for the weekday and Shabbos prayers.
[1], 132 leaves | 20 x 13 cm | Rounded margins | Water stains, ten pages torn affecting text and reinforced | New partially leather binding